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How to Use Google Photos on Android Phones

How to Use Google Photos

Google Photos is a service that gives users unlimited photo and video storage by Google . There are two options when uploading your photos to Google Photos: High Quality and Original . Back up photos with High Quality option is unlimited and free . However , you can use 15 GB of disk space to back up your photos with the Original option .

Google Photos supports Android and iOS devices. You can back up photos from your device to Google Photos by uploading the Photos app to your Android or iOS phone and tablet . You can back up any photos you have taken by giving automatic backup instructions. Photos that you upload to Google Photos are not deleted unless you delete them. This allows you to free up space on your phone by erasing photos from your phone's memory.

You can access photos from Google Photos on your computer, mobile phone and tablet. With the Google Photo app, you can create collages, movies, and categorize your photos as you like. It is very easy to search in the Photos app. Google Photos; separates photos into different types such as space, objects. For example, to search for your photos in the car, simply search for “cars Örneğin. You can share photos in Google Photos on Social Networks with one click.

Using Google Photos

Now we 'll explain step by step how to use the Photos app . In our example, an Android phone is used. You can do the same with iPhone phones.

1. Log in to Google Play and download the Photos app . Click HERE to download . (Download the new version because this feature is not available in the old version.)

2. After opening the Photos application, the backup screen will appear. The gmail account you log into your Android device is automatically detected. " Backup and Sync " select. " Use cellular data to back up " your carrier you select will use the Internet do not select this option for him. This will automatically back up your photos when there is Wi-fi connection. " Go ahead , touch" button.

3. Select ekran High quality ” on the upload size screen for photos and videos . With this option you have free and unlimited storage. " Go ahead , touch" button.

4. Your photos will now be backed up to Google Photos.

You can back up photos on your Android and iOS phone or upload photos from your computer to Google Photos. Follow the steps below to upload photos from the computer to Google Photos.

1.  Enter the Google Photos site at https://photos.google.com/  .

2. Sign in with your Gmail account.

3. Click in the google-photographs-downloads icon next to the search box at the top of the screen  .

4. Select the Photos you want to upload to Google Photos.

5. In the window that will open, select inden High Quality ”or. Original ”.

6. The photos on your computer will now be uploaded to Google Photos.

How to Use Google Photos

14 Details You Should Know About Google Photos

Google Photos is a very useful photo library, but you need to know some details.

Google Photos, which is Google's photo backup service, is actually not just a storage service. Accessible from both Android, iOS and computer, the service offers you a lot of useful tools to back up your photos. In this article we will talk about unknown details about Google Photos.

Backup sizes

If you are a professional photographer and do not want to lose detail and size in your photos,  you need to select Original  . When you choose high quality, the size of up to 16 MP and the size of 1080p videos are protected. However, values higher than that are truncated according to these limits.

When you touch the Load size  section you  see above, you  will see Original  and  High quality  options. If you choose Original, any media loaded will take you from the Google Drive quota.


How to Use Google Photos

When you press the search box, you

Google Photos can categorize your media as smart by type. In other words, if you type de dog iğ in the search box on the top side of the application, you will see the photos of your dog. You can also search for photos in London by searching London  if the location information is also active in your photos  .

Instead of searching for their own categories of service Selfiler, Meal, Sky and so on. you can see categories. Remember, if you take a photo of what you have categories according to it. In other words, there is no Selfie category in any one that does not take selfies.

How to Use Google Photos

When the ında dog “is searched.

Change sync settings

Google Photos backs up photos from your device according to your preferences. We mentioned the size factor above. The application can back up using mobile data or simply back up if you wish. Of course, you can change or remove your Google account at any time.

As you can see above, you can even back up while abroad if you want.

How to Use Google Photos

Delete backed up photos

Why would he take the phone for nothing after the photos are backed up? The solution is very simple if you think so. Enter the application and open the top left menu. Against coming to your  place open  tap.

The app will then detect the media data that has already been backed up on your device and bring up a display.

Remove  a small ibareyl it will also be shown at the bottom of the post you how much space you have earned. For example, 39 MB of space was saved.

It is also worth noting that if your photos are programmed to be backed up continuously, you can delete them manually from Gallery.

Also back up photos from other applications

By default, Google Photos backs up photos stored in your Gallery with your device's camera application. However, it is possible to expand the photo folders to be backed up. For example from WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, letgo, etc. You can also back up photos sent to you or sent to you in the cloud. Simply  enter the Device folders  section.

Once you've touched Device folders,  which you see at the top, you'll  be able to access the application folders that host photos on your phone and choose which folders you want to sync.

As you can see above, the  Camera  folder is already being synced. But the same thing cannot be said for WhatsApp and letgo folders. This is understood from the strikethrough cloud icon at the bottom right. When you click on any of the folders, this icon will appear at the top right, and when you tap it, you will be able to synchronize that folder.

How to Use Google Photos

Change image order

Google Photos is set to show you the last photo you took as you entered the application. But it is possible to change this order. When you tap the top right menu, you will see the following options:

It is also possible to create albums, collages or movies from this menu. When you touch Edit  , the menu becomes shorter.

If you want, you can make the photos look bigger or you can switch to the year view.

Select multiple photos with one touch
Let's say you have to delete dozens or even hundreds of photos, or put them in an album. The idea of touching each one individually is quite frustrating. Fortunately, there is a way to easily select objects within the application.

Press and hold the first photo you want to select, then right, left, up or down without dragging your finger from the device. All of the photos in the direction you take your finger will be selected.

Share your entire library

Instead of just creating an album and sharing it with someone, it's possible to share your entire library.

If you tap Share your library  from the left-hand menu you see above  , the app will guide you with whom and what you want to share. You don't even have to share what you don't want.

Install from the PC with the Backup and Synchronization tool

It is also possible to back up photos and data on your computers, not just on your phone. All you have to do is to download Backup and Sync  . The next steps are easy and how do you synchronize your computer with Google Drive? in our article.

Recover deleted photos

Google Photos continues to keep the photos you have sent to the recycle bin for 60 days, so you'll want it again. If they still remain in the garbage bin after 60 days, then they are completely erased. As you can see above, there is a Trash can in the  drop-down menu  . When you touch it, you can see the photos that did not exceed 60 days.

Download all your photos at once

Of course, you can't touch all the photos or select them with the mouse and you won't go down for years. There is also an easy way. Google has a service that lets you  download all data at the same time: Google Takeout. When you click this link, you will see the following image.

The check mark next to other services doesn't have to stop if it's just a local copy of your photos. Select deselect all  (top right), and then select only  Google Photos  . You can also select specific albums instead of selecting all photos.

Google Drive and Photos work together

Google's own practices work with a nice interaction between them. This also applies to Google Photos and Google Photos. When they work together, it is possible to send one of your backed-up media in Photos via Gmail. It's also a Photos  folder that does n't eat from quota within Google Drive  . You have all the photos backed up in this folder.

If you enable the above Google Drive option when you reach the Settings section on the left, the photos in Google Drive are backed up to the Google Photos library.

Remove geolocation

If you have enabled the option to remove geolocation, which you see in the above image , you will not share where the photos were taken in the Google Photos library. As a result, your location-based categories do not occur. On the other hand, if you often share photos with others, you can also prevent people you're sharing with to learn location information.

Edit photos

Google Photos offers a detailed editing option for all of the photos in your library. When you touch any photo, press the pencil  icon on the top  and edit your photo with the detailed options. Here you can change the brightness, contrast, color and so on.

Gmail, Google Drive, and Maps, these are a must for making my day easier. Google Photos is an unlimited photo, video hosting service that I wish I had used before.

The photos we will test and the phone we are going to use, GM 6D, does not need to be a phone in Android One, even the phone can be with iOS, a basic application you can access from the store already.

When entering the application, the photos are in their original state and size, which offers a space of 15GB, or if you want to store unlimitedly with their own compression algorithm. Up to 16MP photos and up to 1080P video-supported video as there are already no more than 16MP you can see, the trend of low-light performance is more successful than 12MP sensors.

Google's special compression algorithm works very efficiently, especially for someone who wants to store and protect the photos he took from his phone. It should be noted that the photo is stuck after you upload the photo, so you are loading it in full size. Let's take a look at the photo we took, with the GM 6D, the light balance, the contrast, the clarity of a photo, a resolution of 4160x3120 and a size of around 3.2MB. Let's download this from Google Photos, especially if you want to be able to automatically back up all the photos you've taken, such as when you're charging or just roaming the phone.

Now, delete the local one and look at the compressed one from Google Photos. There is no difference in the resolution in the photo, no what we have installed. In the detail quality of the photo, there is no difference, there is a slight difference in one dark places, but when I approach 75% of this photo, it is a very difficult difference. The size of the photo fell from 3.2MB to 2MB, which is 46%, meaning half the difference, the impressive line.

Let's get it together, Google Photos is a free service that offers an unlimited storage space with rates of up to 50%, almost without loss. Now I feel sorry for the photos I lost because it was different. In my country's data packages, I would like this compression to be done in the phone, or rather slow, the phone is tired, but it would be nice to be able to consume less data than the quota.

This is one side, important or unimportant, you want to automatically store your photos, you want to secure, Google Photos, you do not want to delete your phone, you want to delete, store and delete the phone to delete Google Photos, you want to see all your photos, still Google Photos. Long story short, this was one of my sine qua non.

Kaan A1 Android Phone Review and Photos

Kaan A1 Summaries

Kaan A1 is a suitable phone model for the price category below 1000 TL, but it doesn't make a difference like Kaan N1; it's an ordinary model. You can also make the comparison between the two phones from the "Compare" tab just above the page.

Well, why do we think that? Because Kaan N1, the market with a wider range of 1099 TL price was out. Kaan A1 is currently on sale with a price of 949 TL . When we look at their competitors, yes, perhaps they don't have very bright models; but we can also see exceptions that give them more affordable prices as a technical option. In this sense , if the price of Kaan A1 is drawn to around 750 TL , it can be a more convincing model.

As a result, we can say that for Kaan A1: If you are looking for a phone that can be purchased at a price of below 1000 TL , prefer the payment terms that are suitable for the tariff, who want a nice model with the design and expect the current operating system, you may want to buy Kaan A1.

Kaan A1

Kaan A1 Who Should Buy

If you are looking for a smartphone that offers a favorable payment terms in the price category below 1000 TL, you can review Kaan A1 closely.

After Kaan N1, this time we are evaluating Kaan A1, the new phone of Başarı Ticaret.
If you remember the Kaan N1 model presented to the users with the slogan of model phone rationalism Ka, we remembered success in September last year . At that time, Kaan N1, the most interested phone in particular with Casper's VIA A1 , was particularly notable for its price / performance balance. Kaan N1 , which is preferred by many users in the price band of 1000 TL , is still available for purchase.

Success Trade, a different model next to Kaan N1 model was installed before. The model that we will examine today, Kaan A1 , is still an affordable phone model. Kaan A1, which takes place among the mobile phones that will not exhaust the budget, can now be purchased at a price of $ 949 . Kaan A1 can also be purchased with Turkcell under the additional payment terms. So, what does Kaan A1 offer to consumers, what are its advantages and disadvantages? Let's take a closer look.

Kaan A1

Kaan A1 design

Kaan A1 is one of the metallic phones with its design. Kaan A1, with its metallic back surface and nice looking phones, provides a good balance with 129 grams weight and 7.6 mm thickness. In addition, the screen is processed with 2.5D cut , making the phone look beautiful from the front. So for Kaan A1, we can easily say that it is one of the category's stylish phones.

The color options of the phone are also of great importance. In addition to the golden color, the phone also features a silver color. The phone comes in golden color, and brings a different color to the two colors on the front panel. The front panel of the model is golden in color and the front panel is black in the silver model. The choice here is of course, but there is another model of Kaan A1, and in our opinion, this is the best option.

Kaan A1 is also available in powdered pink. The powdered pink model will be preferred by ladies, of course, but those who want to make a difference in this price category can do so in pink.

There is a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone. A double-tone dual LED flash is also an important detail. Again on the camera as it is the only one.

If we turn to the front of Kaan A1, there is not much detail here; at the bottom there are capacitive Android buttons. There's a front camera on the screen, of course. Ha, let's say the notification light is here. You know, the notification light that's important to many users isn't on some phones, but it's in Kaan A1.

On the right side of the Kaan A1, we see the power and volume buttons on the right side, the SIM card drawer with the microSD card on the left side, the headset on the top and the speaker on the bottom with the microUSB connection.

Kaan A1

Kaan A1 Display and operating system

The Kaan A1's display is 5.0 inches in size. With this screen size, one of the standard smartphones, Kaan A1, offers us a 720p display. Yes, the screen is not Full HD . Let's put that on the phone's minus.

Resolution may be HD, but the image provided by the phone is just fine. Of course, it is important to have IPS LCD preferred panel . Thus, the wide range of view of the phone, wide range of colors. Owning 293 dpi screen density, the phone uses DragonTrail as a protection also in Turkcell T80 .

Kaan A1 also uses the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system as one of the latest smartphones . Kaan A1, one of the most up-to-date phones, will also receive the next update. As it is known, Kaan N1 also came with Android 6 , but it had received Android 7 update. So, if the subject of the update on the phone raises a question mark in your mind, don't create it.

If we look at the interface of the phone, we see a partially customized interface. This customization is also already specific to the icons of the phone; no difference in stock usage. In this sense, we can say that the interface does not cause confusion.

In addition to Turkcell applications, we also see Kaan's own application market. You can also use them or install a completely different launcher.

Kaan A1

Kaan A1 Technical staff and performance

Kaan A1 is not as remarkable as Kaan N1 in terms of technical staff . We will explain the reasons for this in the conclusion section.

When we look at the technical infrastructure of the phone, we see that the 4-core MediaTek MT6735 is available. In addition, the graphics chip is the Mali-T720 . The Mali-T720 is a proven graphics processor. So with this game you can easily play Real Racing 3 and variant games.

The RAM capacity in the phone is 2 GB and the internal memory is 16 GB . If you want to expand this area, you can access up to 32 GB of space with the microSD card option. Let us share with you the synthetic test results from Kaan A1.

Kaan A1 collects 28658 points from the AnTuTu Benchmark , while Geekbench 4 achieves a score of 558 in a single core and 1442 in a multiple core. With these results, we can say that Kaan A1 stands side by side with Reeder P11SE and Türk Telekom K8 models.

Yes, Kaan A1 is not a phone that will expect the top-shirt performance. So what we're saying is that if you open the applications one by one and expect them all to run in the background, yes, Kaan A1 stumbles. For example, you can see this when you're playing a game and switching to a different application without turning it off. However, if you use it regularly, you can feel comfortable.

In this sense, if we categorize the phone for the point of purchase, we can say that uğu I am looking for a phone for my mother / father, k or for those who want a suitable model for their child. On the other hand, it can also be a suitable option for young people with narrow budgets.

So, how is the battery performance of Kaan A1? The Kaan A1 is equipped with a 2300 mAh battery. With a battery of up to 210 hours of standby time , up to 12 hours of talk time, the phone can also be seen in the actual usage scenario in the evening. Of course, if you use the phone at maximum brightness, play games frequently and watch videos - as with most models - you'll have to charge it earlier.

Kaan A1

Kaan A1 Camera

The Kaan A1 offers us a 13 MP lens with a rear camera . HD video recording is also possible on the phone, with auto focus and dual tone dual LED flash . Panorama and HDR options are also available here. On the front camera, we see a 5 MP lens.

Your phone cameras are not bad. You can obtain sufficient results under suitable lighting conditions. Of course, the high expectation of the cameras is not to enter. Especially on the front camera. The rear camera stumbles in low-light conditions, but you also benefit from the dual LED flash.

If we also refer to the camera interface, we have to say that any privatization is avoided here. Simple and simple camera interface is enough for those who want, but the beauty, HDR and panorama outside the different modes waiting for those who are not expecting. If you want to access different options, you can see options such as exposure and white balance in settings; but that's all.

Kaan N1 Mobile Phone Review and Photos

Kaan N1 Summaries

To summarize Kaan N1, we can easily say that this is a very good option with its price. The price of the phone is around 1040 TL . It also has to come with a guarantee of success, which is an important detail.

Besides the phone's features, we also found the box contents to be quite rich. Back cover and screen film important details coming out of the box. Also the headset is in the box. With them, it is not difficult to say that Kaan N1 makes a good impression. We hope that the success also takes the line forward in the next Kaan models.

Kaan N1

Who Should Buy

Users who want to buy a good smartphone at an affordable price can choose Kaan N1. Especially for people who have the name Kaan is the reason for preference.

Kaan N1 is the first Turkish phone to be presented with the slogan of "Rational Phone".
Kaan N1 , which was recently introduced by Successful Electronics , developed by Turkish engineers , presents us with high-end features as well as beautiful design with its premium design. In short, if we list a few of them, we can mention that the phone has a fingerprint reader, stands strong with its 8-core processor and comes with features such as turbocharging with CAT 6 LTE support. On the other hand, when it comes to Success, it is good to know that consumers will not have any trouble with the phone's warranty and service. What else does the phone offer? Let's start with design ...

Kaan N1

Kaan N1 design

Kaan N1 is a very good looking phone. The slim profile phone is available in gold and silver. The edges of the screen, with its slightly curved structure, also called the 2.5D, make the design more slim and pleasing. Along with the metallic back surface and the metal frame, the design of the high-end smartphones in the market is not literally behind the Kaan N1 . In this sense, if your expectation about design is high, we can say that Kaan N1 will please you.

When we look around the phone, we see the microUSB slot on the bottom edge, the headphone jack on the top edge, and the SIM card and the microSD card drawer on the right. The power and volume buttons are located on the other side of the phone. We also see the speaker grill on one side at the bottom edge.

A fingerprint reader is on the back of the phone . Its just above it also includes dual-tone dual LED flash and camera.

When we go back to the front of the phone, we see that the main menu button on the lower edge is capacitive. The back and display window keys are presented as virtual. Obviously this is confusing when using the phone. Because when you use the capacitive button, you can touch the free space by thinking that the main button can be right next to it, but in vain. Then you are looking back on the interface button. Similar situation causes you to click on the virtual window of the screen window to return to the main screen. We believe that it would be much better if they use either capacitive or virtual instead of dividing them like that.

One of the important points here is the Notification Light section. At the bottom of the phone's capacitive button there is a notification light field in the notification line. Notices from your phone are notified to you with this lightweight flashing light. We can say that we like this detail on the phone. It is also possible to manage this Notification Light from the settings section.

Kaan N1

Kaan N1 Display and operating system

The screen of Kaan N1 is 5.5 inches in size. Great advantage to arrive with a Full HD screen. In addition, the screen consists of IPS LCD panel and offers a pixel density of 401 ppi . The top-of-the-line display makes a good impression with the display brightness. The display - body ratio is also good at 70 percent. However, as the screen protection Gorilla Glass instead of DragonTrail Glass preferred.

When we look at the interface of Kaan N1, we see that Marshallow is using Android 6.0 as the operating system . Kaan N1, which offers an important plus in this sense, is making a difference with Marshallow instead of 5.1 Lollipop, unlike many of its competitors. We hope that the update also gets the 7.0.

The interface is quite simple and convenient. Kaan N1, which comes with an interface without a menu, leaves you to the news source when you move the screen to the left. It is possible to add news from the category you want. You can also change the theme.

On the other hand, there are Turkcell's and Kaan's own applications in the interface. In addition to the Turkcell applications such as BiP, Turkcell TV +, Smart Warehouse and Academy, Success, Like Anywhere and Cellograf, also has its own applications.

In addition, the interface provides an area where you can adjust the Notification Light in the settings section, but there is also a section to speed up LTE usage. A section called Turbo Quick Download has been added to the settings menu . By opening this switch, you can download large files faster.

Kaan N1

Kaan N1 Technical staff and performance

Kaan N1 is a powerful phone with its technical staff. The middle-to-upper segment of the phone can be positioned easily from the MediaTek MT67655 chip is taking power. This processor is running at 2.0 GHz and has 8 cores.

With a 3 GB of RAM and a 32 GB of storage space, you can increase the storage capacity by 128 GB by using a microSD card . Let's say the battery capacity in the phone is 3000 mAh .

Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n standards wireless access, also LTE Cat 6 support on the phone, NFC is not available.

After saying this, let's come to the works of the technical staff of the phone.

Kaan N1, which scored 48277 on AnTuTu Benchmark in synthetic tests , offers us similar performance with Sony Xperia XA. Some of the phones in the vicinity are the Xperia Z5 Compact, Huawei Mate S, Lenovo Vibe X2.

CPU Prime Benchmark with the 13752 points of the phone catches the LG V10, Huawei P8 and Türk Telekom Honor 7 draws close graphics.

For the graphic side , Kaan N1, which we use in 3DMark Benchmark as usual, gets 10354 in Ice Storm, 6401 in Extreme and 10792 in Unlimited. Again with the devices we mentioned earlier, such as Xperia XA, Huawei P8 and Honor 7 devices, such as a close-up phone, iPhone 5S'le also watches on the chart.

Kaan N1, who managed to capture 42.3 FPS in Full HD with Epic Citadel , managed to make a good impression when we played Real Racing 3.

Last but not least , the GeekBench 4 test also puts Kaan N1 in a good location. 727 single core, 2888 points in the multi-core phone, multi-core iPhone 6 2902 points just below the score itself. Prior to the Asus ZenFone 2, Huawei Mate S and Casper VIA M1.

Let's talk about the performance of the fingerprint reader without going through the cameras. You can introduce fingerprint reader very quickly. The sensor that comes under your full index finger behind the phone works quickly. One touch is enough to operate the single-stage sensor. However, we should also note that we have witnessed occasionally the occasional singing.

Kaan N1

Kaan N1 cameras

Kaan N1 is more than enough for the phone's cameras segment. We see a 13 MP sensor on the rear camera . Here, we use the Dual LED flash. The front has a 8.0 MP and a 88-degree wide-angle lens.

The phone has HDR support. In addition, f / 2.2 aperture is also available. You can set a few photos such as ISO and white balance on the front camera, which includes features such as panorama and object tracking. Various filters are also available. It even added a slow motion mode, but it's hard to say it works well.

The front camera also features facial beautification and also a virtual flash. Of course, we shot with Kaan N1. Now, let's give these ...

Reeder P11SE Phone Review and Photos

 P11SE Summaries

As a result, P11SE, TL 999 is a model with a noticeable price. When we look at the competitors in terms of technical staff, there is a crowded group. However, we believe that P11SE, which can be separated by having an Android N operating system and a fingerprint reader with 3 GB of RAM, can be easily used with the safety of the Reeder team behind the technical support point. Of course if the price goes down a bit, it would be even better if it is sold at 799 TL band. Of course, this will be the time for us.

A few days ago we shared with you the review of the Reeder P11SE Art model. In fact, we reviewed the Reeder P11SE , which we often find today, and we even compared the two phones to each other. Today, we will talk about P11SE in a little more detail and try to decide whether it will be bought at a price of 999 TL .

Reeder P11SE

Reeder P11SE design

Reeder P11SE is a very nice model, especially with its design. With a weight of 130 grams , the phone looks like it does not exist at hand, yet thanks to its compact dimensions it is a phone that you can use both easily and uncomfortably in your pocket. So the design of the phone is one-handed, unlike phablets.

The phone, which uses plastic material in the case construction, still creates the impression of a metallic surface. We also have a golden color option.

On the front of the P11SE there is no physical button as opposed to the Art model. The phone uses the virtual Android buttons on the screen and the fingerprint sensor on the back. We see the camera just above it and the speaker grille at the bottom.

On the left side of the phone is a combination of power and volume buttons. The SIM card drawer is on the right side of the phone. Reeder, which also features a dual SIM card slot, also allows you to use one of these as a microSD card reader.

We also see the 3.5 mm headphone jack on the top edge and the microSB connector on the bottom. Apart from these, there is nothing else around the phone. In the case of the box is a screen saver band and headphones.

Reeder P11SE

Reeder P11SE Display and operating system

Reeder's P11 model is well-liked by the users. In our model P11SE, there are two more P11SE , P11SE Max P11 models apart from the P11SE Art 'in which we have already examined . Each of these 5 phones is different in screen size and other features. In particular, while the P11S is impressive with a 2K resolution on a 5.7-inch screen , we see a Full HD picture with a 5.2-inch screen on the P11 in the middle of the room .

The screen of our P11SE is 5.0 inches . We see HD as the screen resolution, ie 1280x720 pixels . Of course, we can not say that the HD screen is the best in this sense. We can see Full HD resolution in its category, even on close and even cheaper phones. 

The use of IPS as a panel, however, makes the phone look good; I also have to say that. So if you do not stick to the screen resolution too much, you'll love Reeder P11SE.

The most striking aspect of the P11SE is the operating system we see on the screen. Androd 7.0 The phone that comes with the Nougat operating system is thus significantly different from the Art model with this feature.

The clean interface, up-to-date operating system and performance improvement updates will continue to be provided by Reeder , which is good news for support as they will prefer the phone.

Reeder P11SE

Reeder P11SE Technical details

The P11SE is available in the smart phone category at a price of 999 TL. Accordingly, the technical staff has been shaped accordingly. We see the MediaTek MT6735 in 4-core and 1.45 GHz powerhouse . The RAM of the phone is exactly 3 GB. This is good news for Android, the RAM monster. Especially if you think that the phone has 2 GB of RAM in most of its counterparts.

The phone has a storage capacity of 16 GB . When you want to expand this space, the microSD card slot is ready for use.

We see the Mali-T720 as a graphics processor . This shows that the phone will deliver satisfactory performance in games. In our review we have seen that popular fun games work well, especially when low power is required. You can play games like Metal Slug and Real Racing 3 , the operating system in general technical staff and the experience of using the application is a nice experience.

Reeder P11SE

The GeekBench score we get from P11SE is 575 on a single core and 1601 on a multi-core . The phone is located between the Lenovo VIBE K5 and Huawei P8 Lite and the TP-Link Neffos C5 Max . It also stands between Turkcell T60 and Türk Telekom K8 with 29797 points of AnTuTu .

The battery of P11SE is 2200 mAh capacity. Yes, the use of HD display and low power processor, on the other hand, Android N 's conservative structure, the phone's battery life is generally used sparingly. However, if you are still playing games and watching videos often, you will have to charge them day after day.

If we look at the wireless connections of P11SE, of course we see 4.5G support on the phone . It also includes Wi-Fi support in 802.11 b / g / n standards and Bluetooth 4.0.

Reeder P11SE

Reeder P11SE cameras

The P11SE's cameras are not as impressive as can be expected. However, if we speak appropriately to the category, we can say that it does not catch the image badly. Yes, you can take good photos for social media sharing in good lighting conditions. At this point, we can say that the quality of Lenovo K6- like photos.

Technically speaking, the back camera is 13 MP and the front camera is 5 MP . If you remember the P11SE Art model, there were a couple of cameras, here we have one camera and one LED flash.

The camera interface of the phone that can record Full HD video is simple and simple. Here you can easily take photos and videos, activate HDR or panorama modes. There is also a facial beauty mode. All of this allows you to get basic phone camera performance.

Reeder's P11SE ART Phone Review and Photos

Reeder's P11SE ART Summaries

As a result, Reeder's P11SE Art model is also a good middle-class phone with a price of 1099 TL . In particular, the phone, which makes a difference between its double rear camera and its competitors, is obviously close to its counterparts with its other features. At this point, there will be a large number of phones with him to choose from. But if you are looking for a phone with a price range of $ 1,000 and if your preference comes from P11SE Art, we can say you will be pleased.

We can thoroughly review P11SE Art, which comes after Reeder's P11 model.
Reeder, he does good work. Reeder , who spoke about his name in 2009 with an e-book reader , was among the favorite brands in our country with his tablet and phone models developed later. Recently, Reeder was especially interested in the Reeder P11 model, but he was not too late to prepare his own special versions with great popularity. One of these is the Reeder P11SE model, which we already have, and we will reach you shortly afterwards, while the other one is Reeder P11SE Art, which is the subject of our review . While both phones attract attention with affordable prices, P11SE Art is a bit more advanced than the P11SE. What are they? We will talk about all of them, but let's start with design as usual.

Reeder's P11SE ART

Reeder's P11SE ART design

P11SE Art is gathering on the interesting rear surface in the design. Here, the P11SE Art , which features a double camcorder to be mentioned shortly after the details , distinguishes itself from many competitors in the same category with this feature, but on the other hand it makes a difference in this sense.

The phone, which owns a screen of 5.5 inches in size, naturally brings a larger casing structure with this screen. P11SE Art, which stands still with the metal coating body, will also be appreciated by design lines. But let's just say that we did not find the design of the phone as attractive as the P11SE.

The phone, which draws attention with its black, angular lines , has a physical button that works as a fingerprint reader under the screen . We see capacitive Android keys on both sides of the highly sensitive fingerprint reader. It is also noted that there is no backlighting of these keys. In the meantime there will be wonders among you; again there is no notification light on the phone.

P11SE Art is a phone with a length of 156 mm and a thickness of 8.7 mm . Thus, as with every size on a big phone, it's a little hard to use with one hand. The weight of the phone is 165 grams.

In the vicinity, the phone with microUSB port on the bottom has a speaker grille on the back, a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the top , a volume button on the left side, and a power button on the right. Also right next to the drawer, you can find the SIM card slot and the microSD card slot.

Meanwhile, the contents of the phone's box look good. Inside the box is the hm screen protective tape, as well as the silicone case and headphones.

Reeder's P11SE ART

Reeder's P11SE ART Screen

The screen of P11SE Art is now 5.5 inches wide. On the screen details, we see that 2.5D curved edges are used. This affects the look of the phone from the front, as well as its contribution to the image, to better grip by hand and more resistant to impact on the other hand.

The resolution of the screen is Full HD, ie 1920x1080 pixels . With this feature, the phone disconnects from the P11SE, and the P11SE's HD image is transferred to Full HD. So you have to consider the screen resolution of the users who will decide between the two phones.

IPS with display panel. The 400-nit brightness is pretty good. On the other hand, the screen provides a wide viewing angle, so aside from sunlight, it can also provide a good image in different light conditions.

Reeder's P11SE ART

Reeder's P11SE ART Technical details

The operating system in P11SE Art is Android 6.0 Marshmallow . The phone comes with performance optimizer updates and will keep coming. But the phone will not get the Android 7.0 update, let's say it.

The phone offers a simple and clean image through its operating system, and comes with a few applications that Reeder has put in place. These include handy software such as McAfee antivirus software, Netflix , Spotify and Migros. Of course you can remove them. There is also the Reeder app store on the phone. On the other hand, all popular social media platforms that you might want to upload under Social Apps are presented together. These are nice details.

The operating system, which works very smoothly, produces class-appropriate performance. The MediaTek processor receives power from the phone, a 4-core and MTK6735 processor running at a frequency of 1.45 GHz . The Mali T-720 graphics processor is also included with the processor. Real Racing 3 will not be able to comfortably run derivative games, and will not be satisfied with performance in the upper shirt games.

Reeder's P11SE ART

In our GeekBench test, P11SE Art, which collects 642 in single core and 1761 in multi-core, is equivalent to TP-Link Neffos C5 , Casper VIA M1 , Alcatel POP 4S and KAAN N1 models in terms of performance with this score .

But with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage , the phone is also comfortable with application and operating system performance. You will not have a problem with that. In the meantime, you can expand the internal storage with microSD card.

The battery of the phone is also at 3300 mAh capacity. This capacity helps you to take out the day.

Let's say that P11SE Art offers LTE support, that is 4.5G connection support, before going to the camera. On the other hand , the phone with Bluetooth 4.0 brings Wi-Fi to 802.11 b / g / n standards. 802.1ac and NFC are not available in this model.

Reeder's P11SE ART

Reeder's P11SE ART cameras

One of the most remarkable aspects of P11SE Art is that it has a dual camera. The phone, which can capture the depth of field with its dual camera, allows you to take pictures with bokeh effect . It's probably the feature you'll use most when you buy this phone.

13 MP and 8 MP rear cameras, 79 degree and 83 degree angle lenses, especially under daylight can capture beautiful squares. With the f / 2.2 and f / 2.4 diaphragms, of course it is not very ambitious at night shooting. But it was a surprise to us with a front-end phone that relieved with a couple of LED flashes between the two cameras.

The front camera, which we think will meet your expectation in selfie photographs with 8 MP level lens , is of course again producing good results in daylight here. It is possible to encounter glaciers when the light level falls, but this also applies to many phones in the category.

You can see HDR and panorama options in the camera interface of the phone which can record Full HD video . There is also a wide range of beauty modes, especially the ladies will enjoy it.

Reeder P10 Mobile Phone Review and Photos


Reeder P10 finds itself as a good phone model for the mid-segment category. But it is also necessary to acknowledge that he is better than him. In order to compete with models such as the Xiaomi Mi5, Huawei P9 Lite, Alcatel IDOL 4 and Casper VIA A1, the price of the P10 should be somewhat more reasonable. You can find P10 at the price of 1199 TL on the market right now . Of course the choice is always the same as you are ...

Reeder P10, 1000 TL for those who want to have near phone finds himself on the market. But before you buy it, it's a good idea to check the models around you.

Reeder P10 Mobile

We take Reeder's P10 model in full detail. Buy with features and price
The Reeder P10 has been wondering for a long time, asking us when we will do our review. We also met with company officials and asked Reeder P10 to our test center . Soon we got our review notes by evaluating the phone. In this review, we will consider P10 in detail.

Before we begin, let's talk about the price of the phone. P10 is currently available on the market with a price tag of 1199 TL . In this sense, the phone, which is located in the 1000 TL near-phone category, is in an affordable status. But not here alone. There are many affordable and performance-oriented models around, with ambitious model with environmental features. In the proceedings of our review, you will see all of them in the comparison charts. Now let's go to the design of the P10 ...


The Reeder P10 is a nice phone with a design. With a thickness of 6.9 mm and weighing as little as 150 grams, the phone looks remarkable with its metallic chassis. The phone's screen is 5.5 inches in size. Although the physical frame on the left and right sides of the screen is very thin, there is an additional frame inside the screen. But the screen-to-body ratio is obviously good. On the other hand, using the physical keys instead of virtual keys, the screen is more relaxed.

The P10 in our hand comes with a white background on the front and a silver background on the back. The phone does not have different color options. I mean, you'll only find this model on the shelves.

Reeder uses a USB Type-C port in this model . With this port located under the phone, you can charge the phone and transfer data. The headset can also be plugged into the top of the phone with a 3.5 mm jack.

The microSD and SIM card slot is on the left edge when the phone has power and volume buttons on its right hand side. The phone that provides dual SIM card support uses the hybrid card system. So instead of using a second SIM card, you can use a microSD card.

After completing this step, let's talk about the box content of P10. In the case of the phone, there is a screen-protecting film, a silicone case, and a headset. So you do not have to buy an accessory when you buy the phone.

Display and operating system

The P10 has a screen size of 5.5 inches. Although the phone has a large screen, the resolution is HD, ie 720x1280 . This is obviously not good news for the Reeder P10. Because the segment includes Full HD resolution displays.

The phone's screen is made up of an AMOLED panel. The screen that makes use of the blessings of this panel - if you do not stick to HD resolution - it gives a nice view.

We see Android 5.1 Lollipop as the operating system in the phone . At this point, it should be mentioned that Android 6.0 should be included at least. I hope the phone gets updated soon.

In the meantime, it would be correct to say that the Reeder P10 is a very simple design. The notification screen on the phone where the non-mobile interface is located is also parsed. When you pull the screen from above you only see the notification screen, for system shortcuts you have to pull the screen from the bottom. This method, which we have seen on other phones, is also very well suited to the P10.

Let's talk about the Extreme Mode on this shortcut screen when the word is ready. The Extreme Mode , which you can use to enhance the P10's battery performance , is actually a superior power saving mode. So when you activate this mode, you can use basic phone functions like calling and messaging, so you can extend the remaining time much more while your battery is running out.

Let's also say that you have different talents like Smart Gestures , LED Light and O Key that you can access from the Settings menu of the phone and now I will go to the technical staff of the phone.

Technical details and performance

Reeder P10 finds itself among mid-range smartphones. Reeder, who made his choice as a processor from Mediatek, is using the MT6753T chipset. This 8-core processor runs at a frequency of 1.3 GHz.

The processor that the Mali-T720 graphics unit accompanies is also supported with 3 GB of RAM. The phone, which also has 32GB internal memory and expandable memory capability via a 128GB microSD card, has 5 MP front and 13 MP rear camera. There is no flash on the front camera while the rear camera has only one LED flash.

The battery is also at 3150 mAh . The phone offers a standby time of up to 280 hours with this capacity, and it takes over 20 hours of talk time. However, the PCMark battery test we have applied to our phone shows a clear score of 6 hours , which means that it will be easily removed during normal use.

The phone does not have a fingerprint sensor, does not have NFC support , and does not have 802.11ac Wi-Fi capability. Let me give you some of these 3 features, some of which we have seen in mid-segment phones, and now let's share with you the synthetic test results we have received over the phone.

We were pleased with the performance over the time we used the phone. It gives good results based on segment. On the other hand, you know that in some phone models that are in the same segment as it, we witness square skips in places like Real Racing 3 . However, the P10 has no problem in this regard, it draws a nice graphic.

Let's also talk about the speaker and headphone performance you are always curious about. The speakerphone is located under the display. Although we see a double speaker grille here, the speaker is actually single-sided, ie mono. The sound output power is quite high, not about stereo quality. But it does not give a bad voice.

The headphones that come out of the box give a nice sound. By the way, comfortable headphones will not require you to buy an extra ear headphone.

Finally, let's go back to the camera and check out our review. The front of the phone is 5.0 MP and the rear camera is 13 MP . The camera is performing well in the category. 1080p video recording is possible in video recording part.

The camera interface is not skipped. Here Reeder offers us a nice interface. Whether you are looking for automatic or manual modes, you can find additional filters and features. Night mode, HDR, GIF, panorama and Smart Scene features such as enhanced camera use.


Reeder P10C Review and Photos

Reeder P10C Summaries

The product positioned in the middle segment has dimensions of 143 x 70.3 x 7.95 mm and weighs 149 grams. The Reeder P10C is also a rich smartphone option for box content. In addition to the white headphones, adapter and cable, the silicone case and screen protector gelatin are among the details offered to users in the box. If you have features that look stylish, budget-agnostic, and save the day, you can say that you will be very impressed by the performance of the reeder P10C and the other details you offer.

It is not hard to steal the heart of those who want to defeat their smartphone with its design, features and price.

Reeder P10C

How good is the reeder P10C, which stands out with its reasonable price?

The smartphone arena has to offer in terms of features compared to the price an important place in the model positioned reed , with both P10C design, as well as appeals to the budget-conscious user. The Reeder P10C , a grace-focused model, comes in two colors for the user, black and white.

Reeder P10C

An important part of the front face is the screen, which is especially noticeable to users who like sharp lines. The body of the phone is completely plastic, including the metallic gray frame. But robustness starts to feel itself from the moment the phone is taken.

Reeder P10C

Reeder P10C 5 inch HD screen

The phone supports a resolution of 1280x800 pixels on a 5.0 inch screen and is ideal for single use. The phone is accessible by opening the back cover to the dual Micro SIM slot and the Micro SD card slot. The fact that the 2400 mAh battery is in detachable construction is also the detail for the reeder P10C, which is written in the name of the plus note.

Reeder P10C

Reeder P10C Technical staff

On the hardware side, the Reeder P10C is powered by the MediaTek MT6735 processor. According to the price performance, the MediaTek MT6735 , which is one of the successful models of today, is accompanied by 1 GB of memory. The phone's rear camera features 8.0 MP resolution and LED flash support. In the front camera, which sign the successful selfies, 5.0 MP is supported. Among the important details is the 4.5G support in the Reeder P10C with Android 5.1 operating system .

Reeder P10C

Reeder P10C Technical Specifications

Product Model reeder P10C
Product Type Mobile phone
CHIP Online Note
Producer Reeder
Company Reeder (532) 111 06 16
OS Android 5.1
Processor Mediatek MT6735
Core (CPU) 4
Processor Speed 1.3 GHz
Display Technology LCD IPS
Screen size 5.0 inches
Screen resolution 800 x 1280 px
Graphic Processor Mali T720
Memory (RAM) 1 GB
Internal Storage 16 GB
Enhanced Storage 32 GB
Front camera 5.0 MP
Rear Camera 8.0 MP
Double Line There is
Wi-Fi There is
GPS There is
LTE (4G) There is
Bluetooth There is
FM Radio No
Standby time 240: 00 hours
Speech Time 18:00 hours
Dimensions 70 × 143 × 7.9 mm
Weight 149 gr.

Reeder New Mobile Phones

Casper VIA P2 Review and Photos

Casper VIA P2 Summaries

As a result, the Casper VIA P2 is a phone model that is trying to make a difference with its front camera and mid 4000 mAh battery. Of course, the price is also an important criterion. You can get the VIA P2 at a price of 1099 TL . A preferred option for a phone with a long battery life. But you still have to look at the alternatives.

Those looking for a mid-range smartphone with a high-capacity battery in the price range of $ 1,000 can rate the Casper VIA P2.

Casper's mid-segment smartphones come with the new VIA P2. We examined!

There is a huge competition among mid-range smartphones as well as between top models. There are important models in the price / performance line, and there are many options for users with limited budgets. Of course, Casper also includes models in this category, and today we will evaluate the VIA P2 model in full detail.

The Casper VIA P2 is available for purchase, a 4000 mAh battery and a 20 MP front camera. The phone, which can be found on the market at a price of 1099 TL , does not make much difference from the first model VIA P1 in terms of design. I'll go into the details right away.

Casper VIA P2

Casper VIA P2 design

The Casper VIA P2 looks like the first model in design, but it's actually the same as the Gionee A1 Lite . It is not only a design but also a replica with technical staff. If we were to put this in a corner, the VIA P2, which made the switch to the metallic design compared to the first model, is thus made up of a monolithic piece compared to the previous model.

The Casper VIA P2 is available with a gold-colored model, but you can also find it on the market with black paint. We can say that it is good in size and weight. The phone is 8 mm thick and weighs 163 grams .

The phone, which has a 5.3-inch screen on the front , does not seem annoying with its edge frames. The phone with 2.5D curved display also offers similar curvature in the rear part. We see the speaker bell above the bottom antenna line. A fingerprint sensor is placed under the camera .

On the right side of the phone are power and volume buttons, on the left side there is a microSD card and SIM card drawer. Thanks to dual SIM card support , you can use both handsets at the same time, while the bottom part also contains headphones and microUSB slots. There are capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screen.

If we look at the contents of the phone, we see a headset with a charger in 2A power here. There is also an OTA cable here .

Casper VIA P2

Display and operating system

The Casper VIA P2 has a 5.3-inch screen. The screen size is ideal, but the resolution is HD, ie 720p. Okay, the screen does not look bad, but there are some models that feature Full HD on a similar price line. Even so, even in the predecessor model was Full HD resolution.

Details on the screen include IPS panel and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The phone also has a screen-to-body ratio of 69 percent and a density of 277 ppi pixels . Regarding color accuracy, 87 percent of color accuracy is provided according to the firm's claim. We can not measure it, but we can say that it's as bright and vibrant as the screen. On the other hand, under the sunlight you also have a problem of seeing the screen.

The phone that runs Android 7.0 as the operating system has a menu-free interface. So you can see all the applications installed on the phone on the home screen. Of course, you can change this with different launchers.

In the interface where there are no virtual buttons, the notification bar and settings appear to have moved to different points. When you pull the screen down, you will see the notification screen, but if you pull it up from the top, the Quick Settings menu will appear. There is a separate menu on the phone. This menu, called Launcher Menu, can be opened when you pull up from the center of the screen. From here you can access options like theme change, desktop settings and system settings.

Under the Phone Settings menu, let's also say that there is an option under LCD effect that you can change the screen tone and that there is also an option for those who want to turn off the notification light.

Casper VIA P2

Casper VIA P2 Technical staff and performance

The Casper VIA P2 is powered by Mediatek's 8-core and 1.3 GHz-frequency MT6753 processor. The phone, which comes with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, can increase the capacity by 256 GB via microSD card. At this point, I have to say that the VIA P1 has 4 GB of RAM. So Casper dropped the new model. Certainly you see the effect of this in the performance part relatively.

The battery is increased compared to the predecessor model. We have a capacity of 3000 mAh in the VIA P1, and a capacity of 4000 mAh in the VIA P2 . This is a sign that the phone is quite impressive with battery performance. Obviously we can say that it is. We saw the VIA P2 reaching the second day comfortably in the time we used it. In normal use you can easily see the second day. Also, those who play a lot of games on the phone will be comfortable with the VIA P2. Of course, there is also the effect of the HD screen here. The lower resolution and large capacity battery make the phone suitable for long game sessions. The availability of fast charging and also the power saving option make the VIA P2 useful.

Casper VIA P2

As soon as our process and graphics performance notes came along, we noticed that the VIA P2 was in the middle areas with Benchmark scores, and at some points it was behind the Selefin. For example, in the AnTuTu Benchmark , the phone, which collects 36666 points , is behind many models after General Mobile GM 6 and Asus ZenFOne Selfie.

When we come to GeekBench, we see that the VIA P2 has 598 with single core score and 2367 points with multi-core performance , and these scores are close to Reeder P11SE, Huawei P8 Lite Neffos C5 Max with these scores.

In general usage scenarios, we can say that the VIA P2 behaves according to its class. Of course, especially in the game section to play high-end games with this phone will not be your priority. You can get satisfying performance in middle class games.

Nevertheless, when we played WWE Immortals while using the VIA P2, we did not notice any performance loss. Of course, in high-end games, the phone gets warmer, but let's underline that it's not at an uncomfortable level. You can also easily switch between games.

You can see the test and game results right in the video above.

Casper VIA P2

Casper VIA P2 Camera

The most important feature of the VIA P2 is the front camera, like we said. The phone, which has a 20 MP lens, is the distinguishing feature of this class. Also the front camera LED flash is also supported. You can see this benefit on selfie shootings or video calls at night. The front camera's aperture is at f / 2.0.

The main camera is 13 MP . The diaphragm is still f / 2.0. There is also a dual-tone LED flash in the rear camera. On the other hand, you have to think that you can get very successful results in the dark dark nights. In light environments it is possible to get good results. In this scenario, you will see the patterns just like on many phones in your class.

There are many options in the camera interface. Facial beauty mode; smooth skin, whitening, weakening and eye enlargement, the main camera has many modes such as night, fast shutter, slow shutter, GIF and professional.

In general, we can say specifically for the camera of the VIA P2: you can take photos you can share in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., and you can not talk to your friends about photos you send to Whatsapp groups.

Casper New Android Phones

Casper VIA P1 Review and Photos

Casper VIA P1 Summaries

Casper VIA P1 is among the phones that can be preferred on the 1000 TL line. When we evaluate it within ourselves, we see that it is trying to put it in good shape. It's obvious that better models are on the market when we put them side by side on the phone. Features Considering that there is very little price difference between the VIA A1 and the model, we would prefer the VIA A1 between the two phones . It is also possible to see more advantageous models in the 1000 TL segment. As always here, of course you are the choice again.

Casper VIA P1 is a must for the new models that are priced between £ 1,000 smart phones.

This year we have seen a lot of smartphone models that have a price of around TL 1,000 and six fiyata. Of these, among the models that have recently attracted particular interest are; Lenovo K5 Plus , Casper VIA M1, Kaan N1, General Mobile GM5 Plus and Alcatel IDOL 4 . Casper VIA P1 , which we will review today , is one of them.

The phone, currently available at a price tag of $ 1060 , is also the same name as the Lenovo P1 . However, considering that Casper's VIA family has models such as A1 and M1 , of course the P1 name needs to be met with understanding. On the other hand, while the P1 model is located at some point between the A1 and M1 models, the processor offers a different alternative to the family. We will talk about all of them, but let's start with the design as usual.

Casper VIA P1

Casper VIA P1 design

The Casper VIA P1 has a golden design with all of its models. The phone has a white color on the front and a golden color on the back. The phone, which is made of a plastic design, weighs 165 grams and has a thickness of 9.5 mm. So I need to say that the phone is a bit thick and heavier than its counterparts.

It is possible to open the back cover of the phone. You can open the back cover using the fingernail in the corner of the phone. Opening the back door does not mean you can change the battery, the battery is fixed. Under the back cover you can see the microSD and SIM card slots. By using the MicroSD slot, you can increase the phone's memory by 128 GB . On the other hand , let's also say that the SIM card slot is a micro SIM .

The Casper VIA P1 has a camera on the back, a single LED flash under it and a Casper logo just below it. When we turn to the front, we see that there is an LED flash. This is a nice detail as a precaution against dark selfies. At the bottom we see a fingerprint reader. These are nice enhancements for smartphones at this price, but the only example is the VIA P1 .

The Casper VIA P1 has sound and power buttons on the right side. There's a 3.5 mm headphone jack on top. At the bottom we see the microUSB port and the speaker grille next to it. Only the speaker on the right side of the gates placed on the left and right sides of the port. The other is positioned with the design focus.

Casper VIA P1

Casper VIA P1 Display and operating system

The Casper VIA P1's screen is 5.2 inches in size. In this sense, targeting the large user base especially in recent years, especially with respect to 5.0 inch and over sized screens, the VIA P1 offers us Full HD resolution on its screen . We are now starting to bid farewell to HD resolution on the phone screens. In the last period, all models that we have almost examined in this price category come with Full HD resolution. Models such as Reeder 10 and Lenovo K5 are exceptional.

In the slightly curved structure, called the 2.5D, the VIA P1, which protects the screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, offers us with the IPS panel. Thus, the phone has a good level of color accuracy, the level of brightness is equivalent to watching their counterparts.

The VIA P1 comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. The phone, which has an interface without a menu, offers an easy to use Android in stock view. However, on the other hand, I would like to have an interface with menus, and they can download different launchers from the market as well.

In the interface of the VIA P1, you can see the shortcuts together with the notices that come from the top when you pull it. Again, when you hold the screen for a long time, there are sections such as Themes, Widgets and Wallpapers. You can also adjust the screen transition effect here. By the way, when you entered Themes, we saw that there was nothing but the already selected theme. If we want to acquire it online, it is worth to say that we do not encounter a different theme in the store. But, of course, as we have just said, you can overcome this situation with different launchers.

Casper VIA P1

Casper VIA P1 Technical staff and results

The VIA P1 comes with a different chipset than the VIA M1 and VIA A1 models. Especially with the VIA A1 model, Casper, who had a great interest in the users, worked with Mediatek on that model. This time we see Qualcomm on this phone.

The Snapdragon 430 processor is powered by the VIA P1, which offers us the Cortex-A53 chip, which runs on an 8-core 1.4 GHz frequency. The Snapdragon 430, the product of your passing, brings up Cat 4 level download (150 Mbps), Cat 5 level download (75 Mbps) LTE support. Let's also say that depending on the processor, the phone also has the Adreno 505 graphics processor.

Our phone has 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage capacity. We mentioned earlier that you can increase the memory by 128 GB.

The battery is 3000 mAh . With this capacity, the phone offers up to 500 hours of standby time and up to 38 hours of talk time, making it convenient for one day. Also note that the phone has a battery saving mode and battery optimization section.

When we look at the synthetic results of the VIA P1, we see that it is in close contact with nearby phones. Alcatel IDOL 4, Sony Xperia XA and the Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus phone, the results are now reflected in how your test charts are reflected.

Casper VIA P1

Casper VIA P1 Performance

The VIA P1 has no problem with the operating system performance. Already with 4 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 430 processor, you should not expect any trouble. The phone, which we did not encounter any problems when we tried games and applications, was able to perform well during the Gear Club game test. Of course, if you put the VIA P1 side-by-side on top smartphones, you will notice a difference in the way it appears between the two models, but with similar models. At this point, let's say at the same time that the phone is leaving 58.8 FPS from our Epic Citadel test.

There is no problem with the quality of the call volume of the phone. Ambient noise canceling reaches the opposite side of the sound you clearly supported through the microphone, on the other hand you can hear in a similar manner. Speaking of the ready-made chestnut, let's talk about the speakerphone. It is difficult to say that we like the sound quality of the speaker. The sounds are tremendously treacherous. This result is the same in the game as it is in the music. The headphones that come out of the box will also help you save the day. In the meantime, let's also say that the box contains a silicone protective cover.

If the phone comes to the fingerprint sensor, we can say we find it very sensitive. In fingerprint testing we made from every angle, the sensor could successfully answer our requests.

Casper VIA P1

Casper VIA P1 Camera

The Casper VIA P1 is a phone that can produce an affordable response to its segment with its cameras. The camera, which can focus quickly during landscape shots, can have difficulty focusing on close-up (macro) shots.

The 16 MP rear camera responds to auto focus and touch focus requests. The phone, which also offers 1080p video recording, can capture up to 99 frames in fast shooting mode.

The most important detail of the front camera is undoubtedly the possession of a flash. However, the 8 MP lens does not give bad results. I also have to say that 1080p video recording is available here .

The camera interface of the VIA P1 has also been worked on. They did not pass the standard modes. The interface includes manual shooting as well as functional modes such as HDR, panorama, night shot, sport, beauty. Let's also give the following hint about the interface: When you slide the screen to the right to make a turn between the cameras, you can drag the screen up or down instead of "Select Camera" from the pop-up menu.

The phone gives good results especially when you use daylight. The phone we like to shoot flashes can not block the grenades when you use the night mode.

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