Casper Via F2 review

April 09, 2018

Content: Casper Via F2 review, features, photos, images, sizes and comparison. 

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Casper Via F2 Review

We have reviewed Casper Via F2, the first 4 camera local phone, for you!

In this article, we will examine the Casper Via F2, a domestic phone that draws attention with its four cameras. We will review all the details of the Via F2, which was recently introduced as the first four camerawian domestic telephones.

Before we go into the details, we can tell you that Via F2 easily meets the everyday needs of the day and offers an experience that separates its competitors from the cameras.

Casper Via F2
Casper Via F2

Casper Via F2 Design

The phone with metallic exterior finish looks fine with thin frames. Via F2, which offers the user with a display ratio of 18 to 9, which has become the latest standard, shows that the manufacturer firmly adapts to trends. The phone, which has a gold-colored crotch, is unfortunately not available in different colors.

Casper Via F2
Casper Via F2
The thickness of the phone is 8.2mm while the weight is 185 grams. On the right side of the Via F2, which contains audio and power buttons, there is a sd and sim card drawer on the left hand side. This drawer is presented as a hybrid, you can wear a split microSD card if you want to wear two different lines.

The phone's headphone jack is positioned at the bottom, and we see the speaker cradle and the micro usb jack.

Casper Via F2
Casper Via F2

The remarkable side of the Via F2 is of course four cameras.

There is also a fingerprint sensor positioned at the back of the Via F2, which presents us with a camera array that we are not familiar with as two back two. This sensor works very fast and stable, so let's do it.

Casper Via F2
Casper Via F2

Casper Via F2 Display and Operating System

The screen on the device is a full 6-inch screen, offering a screen resolution of 9 to 18 in 1840 HD resolution definition as 720'de 1440 offers. I can say that the brightness of the screen is 500 nits and that this value is enough for day-to-day use.

Let's add what you are protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on this beautiful screen. Although the device was successful as a resolution, Full HD Plus could be better suited to this phone.

The Via F2 comes out of the box with the Android Nougat operating system. We also think that the phone will receive 8.0 Oreo updates. The device has a simple interface and offers smooth and stable operating performance. Casper made a sensible move by not filling the device with preloaded applications, like his competitors did.

Casper Via F2
Casper Via F2

Casper Via F2 Performance

I can say that the performance of the Helio P25 processor and the effect of 4GB of RAM is great. The Via F2 has 64GB of internal storage and also saves you microSD card dependency. If this area is not enough, microSD card support gives you up to 256 GB of internal storage space.

Having a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, it allows you to spend a day on battery performance. If you watch a lot of movies or play games, you will have to charge the phone during the day. The charging time of the phone is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Casper Via F2
Casper Via F2
Let's also consider the performance of the phone when it comes to the place. I can say that the graphics chip on the phone is sufficient for medium and mid-range games. I did not expect much in terms of resolution, I got a smooth performance on the device I was playing.

Another point that impressed me was the fact that the phone did not warm up while playing. It is also worth noting that the speaker of the phone is also loud.

Lastly, let's say I can get a better sound experience using the Maxx Audio feature on the phone and go to the camera.

Casper Via F2
Casper Via F2

Casper Via F2 Camera

On the front of the Via F2 there are two cameras, one 20 megapixel and the other 8 megapixel.  These 8 megapixels of cameras provide you with a 120 degree wide angle selfie. Casper, with 13 and 5 megapixel camera on the back, offers features such as optical zoom and bokeh effect.

You can also use bokeh, the depth of field feature, on the front camera as well as on the rear camera. If I were to make an assessment of the cameras, I would say that I am quite satisfied. Of course there are also negative sides, some of which have problems from time to time in netting.

It would be a mistake to expect a high performance from the phone during night shots. This segment, like the phone with a single flash on, the problem of focusing and the loss of detail, has problems that we encountered on the phone, but as I mentioned, it is not just Casper Via F2 specific problems.

There are many features available so you can customize your photo shoots on the phone and use them more effectively. These include slow shots, fast shots and panoramas.

In addition to the bokeh effect, options such as beauty mode are also presented to the user.

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