LG G6 review - features, phostos, images, sizes and comparison

April 04, 2018

Content: LG G6 review, features, phostos, images, sizes and comparison. 

Focus: Sharing of the basic features, LG G6 review phone view, photo quality, processor speed. 

LG G6 review

The new LG smartphone has a completely new design that is pleasing to us. The metal body is quite special. The narrow edges surrounding the screen and the bright platinum silver color give the LG G6 a stylish and attractive look for the mobile phone.

Other color options are white and black.

The FullVision-capable screen with an aspect ratio of 5.7 inches (18: 9) is immediately noticeable. Although the display is about 1.3 cm bigger than the previous model, the overall size of the device (148.9 × 71.9 × 7.9 mm) seems to be smaller than the previous model.

This means that the borders around the screen are kept narrow, resulting in a wider screen area.
LG G6 Review and Photos
LG G6 Review and Photos

LG G6 processor features

Despite the fact that rival names such as Samsung and Sony in the industry keep the announcements of the 2017 mobile phones until the Snapdragon 835 processor comes out, LG did not do so and preferred the Snapdragon 821 processor.

This quad-core processor with a 2.35 Ghz clock speed is a relatively slow model. In practical practice, the LG did not lose anything from the speed of the phone and did all the work easily, although I did not use the phone extensively.

We do not see any reason why not to buy the G6 phone just because it is not the latest version of the processor. The LG G6 works very well, the device is fast, easy to use and fully customizable.

LG G6 Review and Photos
LG G6 Review and Photos

LG G6 camera features

Camera applications are given great importance by LG. This is evident from the fact that the Korean manufacturer has decided to announce the camera features of the phone five days before the formal introduction of the new G6 model.

Like the LG G5, the G6 has a dual camera. But the LG G6 Dual Camera feature is completely new from the beginning. The G6 smartphone uses two 13-megapixel image sensors, one with a f / 1.8 aperture of 71˚ standard and the other with a f / 2.4 aperture of 125˚ wide-angle lens.

The photos taken with the LG G6 smartphone are of good quality when considering lighting and lighting conditions. The test photos we took with the G6 were detailed and contrasted.

Colors are bright but some color temperature values ​​are too high. Personally I would like to arrange this myself later. In addition, the dynamic range (the difference between the brightest regions and the darkest regions) is certainly adequate.

The effect of noise in night shots is seriously rising in the photographs. This is a known problem for smartphones. The camera's camera is having more trouble focusing on moving objects.

Another disadvantage is the speed of the camera. When you press the photo capture button, it takes a while for the photo to be taken. With moving gadgets on the LG G6 you have to miss out on kareyi always big loss!

The LG G6 is generally a satisfactory device. LG is taking the stage again with this smart phone model. This is the biggest sign phone general design lines.

The totally new all-round waterproof body design and the FullVision display of 5.7 inches in size have a fairly modern and stylish look. The slightly sloping back of the phone allows the hand to sit comfortably.

The G6 is not only premium, but also very user-friendly. The phone processor performs tasks quickly and smoothly, and the improved battery capacity enriches the user experience.

LG G6 Review and Photos
LG G6 Review and Photos

LG G6 test score

The new LG phone with fully customizable and customizable features can be turned on instantly thanks to the advanced fingerprint scanner feature. The dual camera's image quality is not perfect, but it's definitely in level.

The wide-angle lens is a nice feature, but the camera of the phone is having a lot of trouble shooting in dim and poorly lit environments. Also, the resolution of the front camera is somewhat weak.

These figures make the phone more affordable than its biggest rival, the Samsung Galaxy S8. The manufacturer LG is offering a very good alternative to the market with the G6 model!

LG G6 Review and Photos
LG G6 Review and Photos

LG G6 improvements

• Eye-pleasing waterproof design
• Bright 5.7-inch FullVision display
• Wide-angle dual camera support
• Convenient on / off key / Back fingerprint scanner
• Various creative features
• Good performance

LG G6 Review and Photos
LG G6 Review and Photos

LG G6 excursions

• Front camera resolution
• Not using the latest version on the processor (in practice it will not affect you much!)
• Not very cheap price

LG G6 Review and Photos
LG G6 Review and Photos

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