New LG V30 Plus review

April 25, 2018

Content: The New LG V30 Plus review, features, photos, images, sizes and comparison. 

Focus: Sharing of the basic features, New Android Mobile Phone LG V30 Plus review phone view, photo quality, processor speed. 

LG V30 Plus Review

The LG V30 Plus is a better phone to listen to bigger and higher quality music files than the standard LG V30. The V30 Plus is not really a simple phone with only 128GB of storage space. In addition to a pretty good headset in Kut, the V30 has a price tag of about $ 100 more than the 64GB.

With the LG V30 Plus in the tests, we get excellent download speeds and we can say that the 4 × 4 MIMO signal makes a difference. This will make the V30 Plus a special choice for users who want the best wireless speeds.

LG V30 Plus review and photos
LG V30 Plus review and photos

More Storage for More Music on The LG V30 Plus

For almost everything about the LG V30 Plus you can check out the LG V30 features. Because the V30 Plus looks identical and feels the same. The difference is in the storage, better modem power and the included in-ear headphones.

Also the pili was also tested when we tested the LTE for 8 hours and 29 minutes.  It was very successful. The phone still has a microSD card slot. You can install the new SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSD card for over 500GB of usable space with the really insane internal space. Because the phone can support it.

People who care about DAC often listen to their audio files at the best quality. These can also be very large. A five minute 192/24 FLAC file can be up to 200 MB.
Achieving 500 GB on a phone with high-quality headphones can make a real difference if you have a large music library.

LG V30 Plus review and photos
LG V30 Plus review and photos

What is the LG V30 Plus's Hi-Fi Quad DAC?

With the LG V30 Plus Hi-Fi Quad DAC feature, you can listen to songs such as live performance religions from your phone. You can enjoy your music with rich, complete sounds as it is. Discover the true qualities of the songs with this audio feature that captures every bass and treble catch.

LG V30 Plus's F1.6 Crystal Lens

Many people use light to capture crisp and clear pictures. The LG V30 Plus F1.6 crystal lens offers quality shooting even in low light conditions. With the V30 Plus crystal lenses, which visually enhance the quality of your photos, you can get great shots in any environment.

LG V30 Plus review and photos
LG V30 Plus review and photos

LG V30 Plus's Cine-Video Mode

With Cine Video Mode you can also shoot videos in a real movie quality. This mode, which offers vivid colors and high dynamic range, is exclusive to the LG V30 Plus. The LG-Cine LOG profile and HDR10 sensor give you a true cinematic shooting capability.

LG V30 Plus's Better Wireless Network Download Speed

The V30 Plus is one of the rare phones sold with 4 × 4 MIMO. 4x4 MIMO; it doubles the signal strength used on the phone to double the potential bandwidth on any network channel. It is primarily used to speed up downloads.
It also generally tends to increase the signal strength over time. There are still better modems, though they are still 4 × 4 without MIMO. In the fastest mobile network tests published at the beginning of this year, the fastest download speed we had in a cable internet network with a Galaxy S8 in New York was around 81 Mbps.
However, please be assured that the V30 Plus will offer the best wireless download speed.
LG V30 Plus review and photos
LG V30 Plus review and photos

LG V30 Plus's Comparisons and Results

The LG V30 is one of our favorite phones. Because wide-angle camera offers a very different perspective from what you find on other smartphones. If you are trying to capture an entire scene or the whole area, the V30 is a smartphone that can offer you this advanced technology.

The V30 Plus V30 has a distinctive sound quality, which is another attraction. With LG's exclusive DAC technology, the V30 Plus offers the best possible quality for your audio files. Considering that the other features of the V30 Plus are the same as the V30's, I decided to prefer the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the Android phone world.

Note 8 has a better screen, lower camera performance at lower light, and better battery life. The Samsung Galaxy S8, by the way, is our general Android choice, according to current technology. Because it's $ 200 cheaper than these phones, and most of what they do offers.

LG V30 Plus review and photos
LG V30 Plus review and photos

LG V30 Plus review and photos
LG V30 Plus review and photos

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