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April 04, 2018

Content: Nokia 500 review, features, photos, images, sizes and comparison. 

Focus: Sharing of the basic features, General Mobile Nokia 500 review phone view, photo quality, processor speed. 

With a pixel density above the class (229 ppi) and a 3.2-inch screen with a screen resolution of 640x360 which can be counted according to class, the Nokia 500 is more than anticipated in screen quality.

I can say that Nokia is doing a good job when we compare it with 480x320 resolution low-pixel-density screens that we are accustomed to see in models with Android operating systems, especially in the affordable smartphone market.

I can say that the brightness and contrast ratio of the screen is the average of its class.

Nokia 500 Review and Photos
Nokia 500 Review and Photos

Nokia 500's Performance:

Affordable smartphone-class phones are not made up of models that generally satisfy smartphone users with their performance. The major factors are the low-frequency processor used to reduce costs and low memory usage. This is where Nokia remains with the processor it uses.

Although it looks like a processor with a frequency that looks like a class of 1 GHz, the processor, which is built on an older architecture like the ARM 11, suffers from performance problems in many applications.

Nokia 500 Review and Photos
Nokia 500 Review and Photos

Of course, the operating system has a big role in this. Although Nokia said it would improve performance with the Belle update, I did not see a noticeable increase in performance even though I did the update.

While there is no slowdown in the overall functioning of the phone, the Nokia 500 is performing poorly on the Internet, which is indispensable for smartphones, games and third party applications.

When I tried to navigate through web sites with my own browser, I saw that the pages with flashes were especially difficult.

Nokia 500 Review and Photos
Nokia 500 Review and Photos

There are also delays in games.

When compared to Android phones with similar price range, I can easily say that it is under the middle of the internet browser. The Nokia 500, which does not require charging for 2 to 3 days with average use as battery life, offers good performance on battery performance.

Nokia 500 Review and Photos
Nokia 500 Review and Photos

Nokia 500's Camera:

The Nokia 500 uses a 5 megapixel fixed-focus camera. The fixed-focus camera, however, still offers a good image quality especially in well-lit environments.

Not using LED flash in the phone affects the use of the camera and picture quality negatively in dark and low light environments. In terms of video, it does not offer as good a performance as a photo shoot.

Although the VGA resolution seems to be sufficient, it can be considered a video issue to be able to shoot a maximum of 15 frames. The Gallery application, which allows you to view photos and videos, offers a performance-pleasing experience as opposed to other applications. Zooming can be performed very quickly.

Nokia 500 Review and Photos
Nokia 500 Review and Photos

Nokia 500's Interface and Applications:

The Symbian operating system included major improvements in interface with Anna version. I can say that the interface with Belle update has become much more useful.

But I can say that the Nokia 500 interface performance is somewhat behind competitors, particularly with regard to transient flow. However, the interface performance will be sufficient for users who prefer this class.

When it comes to Symbian application richness, I can say I'm behind competitors. Compared to the Android market, which is the biggest competitor in the smartphone market, especially in the affordable smartphone market, it stays in the Ovi store class.

Among the applications installed on the phone, I find the Maps application very successful. Similar applications for this free voice navigation application are available at competitive prices in competing operating systems.

As a note; The 3.2-inch screen makes it difficult to use the keyboard in vertical use. It was not so easy to write faultlessly, especially for someone with bigger hands like myself.

Nokia 500 Review and Photos
Nokia 500 Review and Photos

Nokia 500's Box contents :

· Nokia 500 Phone

· 2 extra back covers (red and blue)

· Charger

· MicroUSB cable

· Stereo earphone

· Documents

Nokia 500's Features

Operating System: Symbian Anna (Symbian Belle can be installed)
Processor: 1 GHz ARM 11
Graphics Processor: Taken by CPU, no separate GPU
Memory: 256 MB
Storage: 512 MB MB internal, 2 GB microSD (32 GB supported)
Display: 3.2 inches (360 x 640 pixels resolution), capacitive touch
Camera: 5 MP (2592 x 1944 pixels)
Input / Outputs: 3.5 mm headphone, micro-USB
Measured: 111.3 x 53.8 x 14.1 mm
Weight: 93 gr

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