Alcatel A3 Phone Review and Photos

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We look at Alcatel's A3 model this week at affordable pockets.

The smartphone market, which is based on 7000 TL in our country, is of course not suitable for everyone. For this reason, we also need affordable smartphones. Fortunately we have a lot of options in this category. Of course there are lots of options, but of course not every model is good. There are good ones among them, there are evils; So, which side of the Alcatel A3 will we review today ? Today we will answer this question.

Alcatel A3 Phone Review and Photos
Alcatel A3 Phone Review and Photos

Alcatel A3 design

Alcatel A3 is a phone that attracts attention with reasonable price. Now you can find this phone on the market with a price of around TL 790. Of course, this area is not the only one, but it is one of the most noticeable models because it is close to the TL 750 band.

Of course there are other points that stand out as well as a reasonable price. Among these, it is important to have features such as NFC support and a fingerprint sensor. Also, the design of the phone is very nice. The Alcatel A3, with its white model at hand, is only one of the lightweight phones with a weight of only 135 grams. The thickness of the phone is 8.6 mm.

The Alcatel A3, which is made of a plastic body shaped around a metallic frame, has a headphone socket at the top edge, a microUSB slot at the bottom, and sound and power buttons on the right. The different design of the power button is an important detail in terms of the separation from the sound button; we should not skip this detail we have seen on the admiral level phones.

You can open the back cover of the Alcatel A3, but it is not possible to change the battery. The SIM card slot and the microSD card slot are also located under the cover.

Alcatel A3 Phone Review and Photos
Alcatel A3 Phone Review and Photos

Alcatel A3 OS

Alcatel A3 comes with Android 6.0 operating system. Obviously it is an old operating system. Android 7.0 required. We think that Alcatel will do the trick. The phone continues to fetch Android security patches.

The interface is fairly simple, useful and has a menu structure. Among the applications that are installed are applications such as WPS Office, Phone Guard and Compass as well as Turkcell applications such as BIP, TV +, fizy. In addition to them, you can also find an application called Theme Store.

The interface is easy to use, and the fluency is good. However, this fluency will vary depending on the number of applications you use, because 1.5 GB of RAM is on the phone. In this sense, the Alcatel A3 will not be a phone call for you to implement. For functional use, you should continually emptile the RAM, remember to close the open windows. For this, we can say that the Phone Guard software installed on the phone is always under your hands. Otherwise, the use of the phone can become quite heavy, let's say it. Even when we were examining, we could not get into Google Play for a minute and had a problem connecting to Wi-Fi. That's why those who are considering buying the Alcatel A3 will fill the phone with applications.

In addition to the operating system, let's also say that by using the Turbo Downloads section you can access Settings, you can download higher-sized files faster.

Alcatel A3 Phone Review and Photos
Alcatel A3 Phone Review and Photos

Alcatel A3 Display and technical staff

The Alcatel A3 has a 5-inch screen. This one-handed phone can be used comfortably with one hand, providing an HD image on the IPS panel. We can say that the brightness level is at a good level according to the category, the display is 68 percent with respect to the body. Let's also say that the screen has a density of 294 ppi pixels.

Alcatel A3 undoubtedly offers a modest especially with technical staff. The phone, which has a 4-core MediaTek MT6737 processor as processor, owns 16 GB of storage space. However, about 11 GB of this space is available. So if you want to carry your photos and videos on the phone, you will need to purchase a microSD card in addition. Here you can also get up to 32 GB, which means that the Alcatel A3 supports microSD cards up to 32 GB.

The Alcatel A3 is not a powerful phone. The 1.5 GB carrier in RAM is pushing it behind 2 GB RAM models. At this point too many competitors are born automatically. In that sense, it would be more logical for us to choose models that are more affordable or similar in the same category that we can say.

Alcatel A3 Phone Review and Photos
Alcatel A3 Phone Review and Photos

NFC support and fingerprint readers are undoubtedly the distinguishing features that distinguish the Alcatel A3 from some of its competitors in the class. Alcatel A3, which provides NFC (near field communication), can be connected to NFC-enabled headphones and similar devices with one touch.

If it's a fingerprint sensor, we can say it works well. The sensor, which you can easily introduce your finger, is able to read your finger quickly at the opening.

For those who are considering playing games on the Alcatel A3, I have to say that they should not enter into big expectations except for entry-level games.

Finally, we can say that Alcatel A3 has a battery at 2460 mAh capacity and is not enough for long usage times. So you will have to charge Alcatel A3 in the evening.

Alcatel A3 Phone Review and Photos
Alcatel A3 Phone Review and Photos

Alcatel A3 Camera

The Alcatel A3 is a phone equipped with LED flash for low light conditions, equipped with a 13 MP lens camera. It is not possible to capture very beautiful photographs with the phone which we can say that it is enough in this sense because it is at entrance level. The light balance and the scenario should be so good that you have nice photos.

But it's good that different shooting modes for the camera have not been forgotten. In addition to Panorama and HDR, there are also fun options like Instant Collage and Face Mask. When we look at the technical details of the rear camera, we can say that it offers f / 2.0 aperture and autofocus support. On the other hand, you can use the Electronic Image Stabilization feature for videos. In the meantime, let's say you can record 1280x720 pixel video in video mode.

If we look at the front camera, we can say we saw enough bi-lenses for this class with a 5 MP selfie camera. In addition, facial beauty mode was also presented here. Lastly, it should be said that the presence of LED flash on the front camera also gives the phone plus points.

Alcatel A3 Phone Review and Photos
Alcatel A3 Phone Review and Photos

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