Alcatel Idol 5 Android Phone Review

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We reviewed Alcatel's Idol family's new model, Idol 5.

Alcatel, the market has entered, offered to users since many models. We recently reviewed Shine Lite, POP 4S, POP 4 (6) and A3 smartphones. We even had a chance to evaluate Idol 4 before. This time, Idol 5 is available. Let's see what changes Alcatel has made since Idol 4.

Alcatel Idol 5
Alcatel Idol 5

Alcatel Idol 5 design

Following Alcatel after Idol 4, for about a year, Alcatel shares a new model of Idol with its users and faces a similar model in terms of size and weight. As a design, the back side of Idol 4 did not appreciate the glassware design in this model. Instead of a completely matt-metal structure on the phone, the edge frames are of course metallic again.

Looks nice, Idol 5 , black model with the model available. You can also choose silver color. If you look from the front, you can see 2.5D rounded lines on the edges of the screen. This makes the phone look like a premium level from the front.

Alcatel Idol 5
Alcatel Idol 5
Idol 5 also features a fast-acting fingerprint sensor on the backside. If you remember that this sensor, which is a significant enhancement of the phone, was not included in the predecessor model.

Another point of interest on the back of the phone is the presence of a dual LED flash. When we look at the edges, we see the power and volume buttons on the right side and the microSD and SIM card drawers on the left. There is a headphone jack on the top, speakerphone jacks on the bottom with microUSB.

Alcatel Idol 5
Alcatel Idol 5

Alcatel Idol 5 Display and operating system

Idol owns a screen of 5, 5.2 inches in size. Producing images in full HD resolution, this screen is very comfortable to use in terms of size. So you can extend your thumbs up to the top of the phone screen and use it with one hand.

The screen used for the IPS LCD panel produces a good image; it is also pleased with the level of brightness. The pixel density of the phone is also ideal for the class; 423 ppi. Also note that on the screen Dragontrail is used as protection and Oleophobic coating is involved. Oleophobic coating used to keep fingerprints and dirt on screen does not work very well even if the effect is decreased but the subject is fingerprinted. You see your fingerprints just like every other phone.

Alcatel Idol 5 operating system, Android 7.1 . Again we see Alcatel's own Joy interface. This interface, which we are familiar with from other phone models, needs to be optimized by us. Because we use the phone for a long time, and after a while we feel that the screen performance or the use of animations has reduced the performance of the phone unnecessarily. It's good to have your own interface, of course, but we can see that the stock interfaces are now used even in the models in the flagship status. Obviously from a performance point of view.

Alcatel Idol 5
Alcatel Idol 5
Of course you do not have to use the Joy Launcher interface. There are countless options on Google Play; You can also download and use Google's own stock interface.

On the phone, as we have just said, there are a lot of applications installed as well. There are some useful ones among them, and you will not look at them at all. Many applications such as Fizy, BiP, Magazine, Phone Guard and App are available on the phone from Alcatel's own application market.

There is also a shortcut called " Now Key" on the screen . You can use it, change its functions, or turn it off in Settings> Smart Assistant> Now; the choice is yours.

Alcatel Idol 5
Alcatel Idol 5

Alcatel Idol 5 Technical staff

Idol 5 finds itself among the middle class phone models as the technical infrastructure. And so was the salafi model. The difference is that Idol 5 used the MediaTek processor instead of Qualcomm . In the middle-class phone market we are mainly seeing the MediaTek processor already; one of them is Idol 5.

Idol 5 has an 8-core structure with MediaTek MT6753 processor. With a core operating at a frequency of 1.3 GHz, the phone is capable of capturing mid-range performance and affording a price / performance balance at an affordable price.

The phone has 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space. It is possible to increase the capacity of 256 GB by microSD card.

When we look at the battery, we see that a battery with a capacity of 2800 mAh is used. The battery works well for everyday use, but as predicted, this does not apply to heavy use. In moderate use you complete the day.

Of course there is 4.5G support on the phone; Cat4 level LTE service is provided. It is also in Wi-Fi wireless connections in Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11n standard. For those wondering, let's also say you have an FM radio with Wi-Fi Direct.

Alcatel Idol 5
Alcatel Idol 5

Alcatel Idol 5 Camera

Alcatel Idol 5 has a 13 MP camera with dual LED flash on the back. On the front face we also see a standard 5 MP camera. The rear camera has f / 2.0 aperture and phase-sensitive autofocus. HDR support is also offered. The front camera also features a f / 2.4 aperture.

Idol 5, which we have seen quite well in class in the test shoots we made, will be a phone that will please the masses in this sense. Alcatel offers a very simple design with the use of a camera interface, here we can say that offers the simplicity of the iPhone. Options include dashboard, photo, video, time skimming, instant collage, 1080p video recording with back camera and 720p recording with front camera.

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