Coming Soon Unlocked Mobile Phones

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Coming Soon Unlocked Mobile Phones

Here are the latest phone models of the year 2018. After launching iPhone X last year, we started to talk more about other phones. We will look at the smartphones that will be out in 2018, which are not on the market at the moment. Possible exit dates and prices so far leaked for you.
We discussed the special flagship gem costs that the brand in 2018 wanted to imprint on the market.


Apple will introduce 3 different models this summer. It is not enough about the names of these models; iPhone Xs, iPhone X Plus and iPhone SE 2.The latest models include two models in 6.5-inch and 6.5-inch displays and 2018 in 6.1-inch LCD display. With the latest leak, a screen from the iPhone X Plus confirmed this screen size.

Will Apple be able to reach the high sales figures that the iPhone X can not reach with these 3 new models? IPhone seems to be a big factor in iPhone as well as in X.

ONEPLUS 6 - Recent Mobile Phones And New Mobile Phones Coming Soon

It is no doubt much more popular now to call the computer from this phone. However, the OnePlus flagship deserves all these praise. OnePlus 6, the first brand to be marketed by the "flagship", will be one of the latest series of premium phones to offer phone marketing and a higher quality product. Long time phone calls with smartphone enthusiasts and enthusiasts.

With a face recognition system like the iPhone X, 19: 9 gigantic gigantic keys, and the legendary 845 processor, we can say that we are waiting for a very comprehensive phone.

XAAOMI 7 - Recent Mobile Phones And New Mobile Phones Coming Soon

The capture of Xiaomi with Mi 5 and Mi 6 is awaiting the new model of the seven masses in the surprise number. The upcoming flagship Mi 7 is low price and competitors. We are waiting for the phone to be introduced between March and April.

We already know Mi Mix 2S will be introduced on March 27th. Mix 2s is waiting for the introduction of Mi 7 instead.

The standard screen display screen of popular flagship gems such as the introduced Galaxy S9. The Xiaomi Mi7 has six fingerprint scanners on the screen.

The first time Xiaomi is done is nothing else. In the meantime, the Mi7 will come with the first Xiaomi phone that will have a 18: 9 screen with full HD (2160x1080) resolution.

You will not use Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, and the phone will have 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage in its base models.

NOKIA 10 - Recent Mobile Phones And New Mobile Phones Coming Soon

Nokia's flagship product has been released. Nokia 10 claimed to have appeared in 2018. The Nokia 10, IFA 2018 (from August 31st) can be marketed with a main camera with five lenses and an internal Snapdragon 845 processor. Nokia 10 will be introduced this year.

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 - Recent Mobile Phones And New Mobile Phones Coming Soon

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 digital camera writes "Crown" in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which was released in August 2017. The meaning of the code name can play the trunk of the Android mobile phone. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expected to have superior technologies such as six fingerprint scanners on the screen.

More important Note 9 may be the first phone to offer a phone so that Samsung's camera and sensors can present a front-end together.

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