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How is the Honor 7X design?

The Honor 7X is also one of the latest trend phones. The phone adopts a metallic design , offering a display ratio of 18: 9 . The phone looks attractive even though its back is plain. Even though the matte surface is used, let's also say that you keep your fingerprints too much. There is no water protection, so do not think of washing it in your mind.

The thickness of the phone is 7.6 mm. At the bottom is a headset entry . The phone's charger is in microUSB format. Next to it is the speaker.

Honor 7X
Honor 7X

Honor 7X vs. Huawei P smart comparison

Honor 7X, a model with dual SIM card . With the drawer in the left edge, you can use your dual SIM card, or you can expand the memory via a microSD card instead of a second SIM card. Let's also say that you can increase the phone's memory to 256 GB.

The fingerprint sensor is still on the back of the phone . We found the sensor useful in terms of access.

Honor 7X
Honor 7X

How big is the Honor 7X screen?

The Honor 7X owns a 5.93-inch screen. The phone offers a wide range of display fields, such as trendy trend phones, in 18: 9 image format with screen . There is a notch on the screen. There are subtle and thin frames on top.

We can say that the screen looks bright and bright at high resolution. The phone has a resolution of 1080x2160 pixels . The pixel density is also at 407 ppi. I also have to say that the screen offers a pleasant experience, especially in games and movies.

Honor 7X
Honor 7X

How is Honor 7X performance?

The Honor 7X features the Kirin 659 chipset, which will suffice to run most games and applications seamlessly . The phone, which also has 4 GB of RAM , is of course not one of the flagship smartphones in terms of performance. When you make your choice, it is useful to pay attention to this.

When we did the GeekBench 4 test on the phone , the result we got was 3579 points . So, when compared to the Moto G5S Plus, where the phone is technically similar, we see that it is far behind the 4316 pin. Of course there are also different gains in the 7X, but when we evaluate pure performance from the standpoint, this is a result you should know.

Honor 7X
Honor 7X

Honor 7X vs Motorola Moto G5S Plus Comparison

The storage capacity of the Honor 7X is 64 GB. A space of 12 GB is reserved for Android 7.0 operating system, EMUI 5.1 interface and other installed software. The first time you turn on the phone, you see that you have 48 GB available. This is a good area for gaming and media applications. Again, we have 256 GB microSD card option.

Honor 7X
Honor 7X

How is the Honor 7X battery life and camera?

Battery life, of course, is one of the key criteria when buying a smartphone. At this point, we can say that the Honor 7X is performing well on a number of competing smartphones, and that's good news. The phone uses a battery with a capacity of 3340 mAh . This battery is carrying you all day; so the phone's battery life is getting full day. But of course if you use it intensively, you will have to charge it in the day.

When we performed our 90-minute Full HD video test, which we always did, on the Honor 7X, we found that the phone experienced a loss of 12% after 90 minutes . This result was 12 percent in Nokia 6 and 16 percent in Moto G5S Plus . However, let's say that both phones have fast charging, the Honor 7X does not have a fast charging feature. This is frankly a bit surprising. It takes 4 hours and 2 minutes for the phone to charge at full capacity , which is obviously a long time.

Honor 7X
Honor 7X

Honor 7X vs. Xiaomi Mi 6 Comparison

On the back of the Honor 7X, there is a dual camera, one 16 MP and one 2 MP. The big thing about the camera is of course the 16 MP main sensor takes care of ; 2 MP is dealing with depth detection work.

The Honor 7X does a great job, especially in well lit, daytime photographs. Especially with portrait mode you can enjoy it very well with depth-of-field photos. However, we can say that the lighting conditions are low and night performance is poor.

We can say that last 30 frames of rear camera have full HD video recording capability, no optical image stabilizer, phase-sensitive autofocus.

The front camera is in 8 MP format. You can still use portrait mode in the front camera, which we found adequate for social media sharing.

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