Lenovo Moto Z2 Play review and Photos

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Lenovo Mobile Phone's modular design phone is new to Moto Z2 Play, fully tested on the test!

The modular phone, which Google once revealed, is now suspended at the Project Search, but that idea has helped other technology companies. Previously we had relatively modular design with the LG G5 , but we had the opportunity to use it better in the Moto Z model. Lenovo Mobile Phone, which likes the idea of ​​enriching the use of smartphones with accessories called Moto Mods, continues to use this idea in the new Moto Z2 Play.

If you remember , we had the opportunity to examine the Moto Z and Moto Z Play models earlier this year. After Moto Z and Moto Z Play that Lenovo Mobile Phone is using with different modules, we have Moto Z2 Play model. Moto Z2 Play continues to be used with Moto Mods in the same Moto Z, as soon as we mention it, offering the first module in the box. You will be provided with other accessories for the phone that came with a back cover. These accessories include handy options such as projector, power pack, Hasselblad True Zoom lens and JBL SoundBoost speaker. Thus, you can enrich the use of the phone according to your wishes.

Lenovo Moto Z2 Play review and Photos - 1
Lenovo Moto Z2 Play review and Photos - 1 
When using these Moto Modes , you can just place it right behind the phone; the covers sit comfortably in the pins on the rear surface. It is possible to use the phone without a cover, but if the pins are in the middle, you might think that the phone looks bad. The choice is up to you.

Lenovo Mobile Phone Moto Z2 Play design

Let's take a closer look at the design of Moto Z2 Play.

The Moto Z2 Play is a pretty slim phone. The phone, which is only 6 mm thick, has a camera output high on the back, of course, because of this finesse. If you do not like this, the back cover of the resort. When you place the back door in the phone, there is no camera exit.

Like we said before, the pins on the bottom of the back of the phone may not appeal to a lot of people in terms of appearance. But we can not say that for the rest of the surface. Because Z2 Play is a phone that looks quite nice on the back. The quality of the material is also very good. The sides of the phone made of metallic material are brushed.

Available in 3 different color options, the Moto Z2 Play is available with a gold-colored model. Other colors can be found in gray and blue.

Lenovo Moto Z2 Play review and Photos - 2
Lenovo Moto Z2 Play review and Photos - 2
When we look around the Z2 Play, we see the USB-C port and the 3.5 mm headphone jack at the bottom. Power and volume buttons are stylishly placed on the right edge. In the upper edge it is possible to find microSD and SIM card drawers. At this point, it is useful to note that even though the Z2 Play has a dual SIM card model, it is still the only SIM card model available.

Before closing this section, let's also mention that there is a fingerprint sensor under the Z2 Play's screen, and that the phone does not have a water-proof structure, and now let's go to the details of the screen with the operating system.

Lenovo Mobile Phone Moto Z2 Play Display and operating system

The Z2 Play is a 5.5-inch, full HD AMOLED panel. To put it bluntly, the color calibration of the phone is at the perfect level and the screen is brilliant. The ratio of the screen to the body, which is 401 pixels per inch, is 70 percent. Let's also say that the screen is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 .

As the operating system, we see Android 7.1.1 . At least that's how it works, but let's say you'll get the Android 8 Oreo update soon . According to Motorola's official blog, not just the Z2 Play, but many models from Moto Z to the Moto G5s Plus will soon be available for the Android 8 Oreo operating system.

Lenovo Moto Z2 Play review and Photos - 3
Lenovo Moto Z2 Play review and Photos - 3
The Z2 Play's interface is familiar to other typical Moto models. The phone, which has an interface without a menu, leaves you with applications when you drag the screen up. When you hold down the screen, you are typically directed to the wallpaper and widget screen. There is also a section in the Settings section and a section in the Moto Mods section to use the phone's additional accessories.

Of course, Z2 Play also features the Always On screen, a popular interface of the last period. I mean, the screen of the phone is always on. So you can see your notifications and other messages constantly on the screen. Of course it is also possible to turn it off again.

Finally, when you shake the phone, let's say you can turn on the camera or the flashlight directly.

Lenovo Mobile Phone Moto Z2 Play Technical staff and performance

The Z2 Play is a mid-range smart phone. With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor in line with the middle class, the Z2 Play 8 core processor delivers power at 2.2 GHz. The graphics unit is based on the Adreno 506 phone, with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space. Of course it is possible to increase the memory by 256 GB via microSD card. The battery capacity of Z2 Play is also 3000 mAh.

Lenovo Moto Z2 Play review and Photos - 4
Lenovo Moto Z2 Play review and Photos - 4
Let's say that Z2 Play has 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity support and NFC.

Yes, we can roughly refer to the performance results of Z2 Play, and depending on it, we can also refer to its price, as we consider it to be technical cadastre.

If we come to the performance results, let's first look at the results of Geekbench and AnTuTu we got with Z2 Play:

Zeko Play has 865 points from Geekbench 4 single core tests and 4602 points from multiple core tests. This score if we compared immediately, Huawei P8 , Sony Xperia Z5 Compact , Honor 7, Asus Zenfone 3 , juxtaposed with phones like the Samsung Galaxy 7 Pro Z2 Play, also still old admirals Galaxy S6 and Note 5 to the Geekbench multi-core performance and AnTuTu Benchmark is also closely watching the score.

When we look at the result of AnTuTu, we see that Z2 Play scores 67861 points. Again with this result, Huawei P8, ZenFone 3, LG V10 and Note 5 and Galaxy S6 are getting close results. On this tablion we have specifically placed the Galaxy S7. Because the performance is twice as much as the Z2 Play, the S7 is still an admirable flagship, and the price is under the Z2 Play. Here we go back again. We underline that we find the price of the Z2 Play expensive, and now we pass our general usage experience and battery performance notes.

You can see the test results of Moto Z2 Play and comparison charts right on the video above.

Lenovo Mobile Phone Moto Z2 Play Music, film and gaming performance

First of all, if we talk about the musical performance of Z2 Play, we can say that it is enough for the phone class. On the front face, the handset uses the speaker as a speaker, yes, although it does not offer stereo sound, it satisfies with a loud output. Of course, for those who want a better sound quality, we can immediately recommend JBL SoundBoost from Z2 Play's Moto Modes . It is possible to color music with this accessory. On the phone, the addition of a 3.5 mm headphone jack also gives a separate plus point.

Lenovo Moto Z2 Play review and Photos - 5
Lenovo Moto Z2 Play review and Photos - 5
As we talked about the movie, we already told the panel that the panel was AMOLED and that we found the color calibration to be successful. In this context, we can easily say that you will enjoy watching Z2 Play movies or videos. The size of the screen is 5.5 inches, which is quite enough.

When we get to the point of play, it will not be hard to guess that you will run middle class games with Z2 Play. Candy Crush , Angry Birds and so on. Of course you can also play racing and fighting games like Real Racing 3 , Asphalt, but let's say you can not get full performance in the process and graphics .

Lenovo Mobile Phone Moto Z2 Play Battery life

Finally, we can easily say that whatever the battery life lasts for all of this, Z2 Play will be a phone you can use all day. Despite its slim design, the phone, which has a battery capacity of 3000 mAh , allows you to bring the evening with one charge. Of course, there are different usage scenarios here. Nonetheless, we can say that Z2 Play's battery life is ideal for players.

So, in our usage test we made over the phone, Z2 Play, which took exactly 9 hours and 16 minutes , consumed only 10 percent of the battery as a result of our 90-minute Full HD video test. As a small comparison, we see a loss of 11 percent on the Galaxy S8 Plus in the same test.

Before closing this section, let's say that you have a fast charge feature in Z2 Play, you can fill half of your phone's battery in 30 minutes, and fill it in 1 hour and 36 minutes .

Lenovo Mobile Phone Moto Z2 Play Camera

We can say that the camera is the weakest point of the Z2 Play, if we will relate it to the price. Of course, we can say that we are in good shape with our competitors when we download them to middle-class phones.

Phone 12 MP is located in the rear sensor size. The camera, laser autofocus and phase-sensitive autofocus combine with f / 1.7 aperture. Features like HDR, geo-tagging, panorama are in place. There is also a slow shutter menu and manual mode selection.

Lenovo Moto Z2 Play review and Photos - 6
Lenovo Moto Z2 Play review and Photos - 6
One thing that stands out in the Moto Z2 Play is the dual-tone dual LED flash on the rear camera, which is also included in the front camera. So you can say goodbye to dark selfie or video calls. The size of the front camera is 5 megapixels, so let's transmit it.

At the video point, let's say that you can record 4K videos with Z2 Play , but it will be limited to 30 frames. You can also record 1080p video with the front camera again.

Based on what we've reported, we can find several comments on the performance of the camera. Obviously, the phone's camera capabilities are limited. For example, the camera has manual mode, but your use does not add much in terms of functionality. On the other hand, there is no optical image stabilizer on the phone. This is also causing problems in moving moments when recording video.

When shooting HDR photos in low light conditions , the camera treats the camera severely, and it is not necessary to look for a lot of sharpness and detail in common photo shoots. If we put them on the edge, Z2 Play is taking beautiful pictures in daylight. It provides good color reproduction in good light conditions in landscapes and macro shots. Low light performance is, of course, not as bright as other models in its class.

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