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Get the Meizu Pro 7 dual screen and dual camcorder! Do I need a double screen? We examined!

Chinese smartphone maker Meizu eventually entered the country with official distributor channels and new smartphones started to find buyers in our country. Meizu earlier than Turkey M5 Note we looked at the model. This time it is also expected that the new smart phone Meizu Pro 7 is expected.

Meizu's new smartphone offers us a different concept than the phones we have studied so far. Meizu Pro 7 has a double screen. So it's not just the front of the phone, but a screen on the back.

Meizu Pro 7
Meizu Pro 7

Meizu Pro 7 vs. LG V20 Comparison

Of course, the only dual-screen smartphone is not Pro 7, but we've seen examples before. The LG V20 and HTCI Ultra, for example, are a phone with dual screens on the front. On the other hand, YotaPhone, more similar to the Pro 7, was offered for sale in the world and attracted a lot of attention with its screen covering the back. However, YotaPhone was not offered for sale in our country. In this sense, we can say in the first impression that Meizu Pro 7 is a good opening for our country.

Meizu Pro 7
Meizu Pro 7

How to design Meizu Pro 7?

The design of the Meizu Pro 7 looks pretty good, but do not expect the latest trendy 18: 9 screen or thinned frames on this phone . Thus, the Pro 7, which we can consider as one of the stylish models of the previous generation, is a handsome model with rounded edges and metal chassis on the rear surface. In the meantime, the phone reminds me of the Xiami Mi6 from the front .

The Pro 7 has a fingerprint sensor on the bottom of the screen, and the keys on the phone are on the right edge. Here we see the subtle voice and power buttons. At the bottom of the phone is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a USB-C port. On the left side there is a loudspeaker used alone. Yes, the phone does not have a stereo speaker.

Meizu Pro 7
Meizu Pro 7

Meizu Pro 7 vs Xiaomi Mi 6 Comparison

In Samsung, the Galaxy S8 did not have a stereo speaker, so we can understand that, but the bigger deficiency that is not in Pro 7 is the microSD card slot. The storage space of the phone is 64 GB and you can not expand it with microSD card. Meizu replaced the dual sim card drawer on the phone. I wish I did not at least use it as a hybrid, but we can not pass microSD card support without neglecting it.

The most important aspect of the look of the Meizu Pro 7 is its back-side. Here, while a part of the back area consists of the screen, the dual camera just above the screen is also noticeable. The Meizu logo on the bottom right edge of the phone looks nice, while the antenna strips seem to be pushed all the way to the top and bottom of the phone.

How does the Meizu Pro 7 second screen work?

Of course, the most striking aspect of the Meizu Pro 7 is the second screen behind it. Let's take a closer look at the screens now, starting here.

The second screen of Pro 7 is a 2-inch AMOLED panel. While this screen offers 240x536 pixel resolution, it differs from the previous dual-screen smartphones HTCI Ultra and LG V20 in usage. So what?

Once the second screen is much larger than the one-line screen we saw on these two phones. As you can see some notifications on this screen, you can also include widgets. Widgets like weather, pedometer and date and time can be seen on the back screen. You can also add an animated background picture here from the screen settings.

Meizu Pro 7
Meizu Pro 7

Meizu Pro 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 +

Yes, it is obvious that the second screen of the Pro 7 does not have a very impressive use. But when you pull this screen up and down, the event starts to change a bit. Meizu Pro 7 is able to selfie with the rear camera. So instead of the only 16 MP camera in the front, you can make selfie shots using double 12 MP cameras on the back. This is a useful feature and frankly the most functional side of the second screen. After you take the photo by touching it through the back screen, you can see your photo from the front as well.

The other functions of the second screen, however, can not go beyond cosmetic purpose. Oh, things may change if Meizu finds software support for the second screen. For example, the first time Samsung unveiled a curved screen on a Galaxy Note Edge smartphone, this area was not very useful. But now the options are quite developed and enriched. We hope that Meizu gives the necessary support for this field. For example, the first step is to add the Spotify plugin. So you can listen to music via Spotify on the phone , view song information on the back screen, change songs. Such examples may be reproduced.

How is the Meizu Pro 7 main screen and operating system?

The main screen of the Meizu Pro 7 is 5.2 inches in size. The main screen, which also has Super AMOLED panes like the back panel, has a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels and a 16: 9 aspect ratio. The screen, which owns 423 ppi pixel density, is 71.8 percent of the body. This places it in a good position among the sophisticated generation of smartphones.

The Pro 7's screen is not the brightest screen we've seen so far, but it benefits from the blessings of the Super AMOLED panel at the point of saturation and vigor . In games, you can get deep blacks while watching movies. On the other hand, the field of view is also at a good level.

It's also nice to be able to set the display options in the operating system display settings. From here you can change the color temperature, if you wish you can activate the blue light filter which provides easy night reading.

Meizu Pro 7
Meizu Pro 7

Meizu Pro 7 vs. Meizu M5 Note Comparison

As for the operating system of Pro 7 , let's say that the phone came with Android 7 . However, as the interface, we encounter Flyme software as it was on the Meizu M5 Note phone before. This also shows that the inventory is different from the Android interface.

However, the version of Flyme 6 is used on the phone . In the M5 Note, Flyme 5.2 was available. As a result, this interface has been greatly improved and we can say that it is much easier to use. Once you have your Google Play services installed on your model. You also do not have to load. So as soon as you open the phone, you can start typing in your Google account and downloading apps via Android Play; there is no trouble at this point.

On the other hand, if you have the wealth and use of shortcuts in the upper bar, if you have virtual keys (back and multi-application) that we can not see in the M5 Note, you will not experience any trouble.

Let's say you can access different theme and wallpaper options using the Phone Theme feature, and you can also access the optimization options through the Security application, and now let's go to the technical details of Pro 7.

How strong is the Meizu Pro 7?

Meizu prefers MediaTek instead of Snapdragon as the backbone of its technical infrastructure in the Pro 7 smartphone. Powered by the eight-core MediaTek 6757 chipset, the phone does not pose any problems, such as switching applications, delays in game downloads, or internet roaming. At least we have made such an impression during the limited time we used. Of course, you have to mention that you are in the middle class with the processor level. So you should not expect a Snapdragon 835 performance from it .

Meizu Pro 7
Meizu Pro 7

Meizu Pro 7 vs ASUS Asus Zenfone 4 vs Motorola Moto G5S Plus Comparison

In the Geekbench 4 test we did , Pro 7 got 859 points with single core score and 3956 points with multi-core performance . These scores show a close performance graph with Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Casper VIA F2, LG V20, Asus Zenfone 4, Moto G5S Plus and LG G6 on the other hand, showing that these scores did not go unnoticed with these scores, can find a place for herself.

Now let's look at the battery performance of the Meizu Pro 7. The phone has a battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh , and with this battery it performs exactly like any other competitor in its class. You take the phone the whole day. Of course this is the case with the normal usage scenario. If you play games for a long time, you will have to charge the phone earlier as it is already on many different models. However, we can say that Pro 7 leaves a battery charge of between 30 and 35 percent when you put it in bed at moderate use . By the way, when we say moderate use, we check the typical email check, Instagram and Facebook several times a day, and in addition we talk about 1 hour of play; Let's say that in addition.

Meizu Pro 7 vs. Casper vs VIA F2 vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium

The charging time of the phone is fast. On the phone with mCharge 3.0 support , you can get a charge for a few hours with a 10 minute charge. If you give a number, you can fill up about 50 percent of the phone in 30 minutes.

You can see the test results with Meizu Pro 7 by watching the video above.

Can you take good pictures of Meizu Pro 7?

In Meizu Pro 7, perhaps the widescreen trend is not followed, but the dual camera is taking its place on the phone. This means that you can take depth-of-field pictures with Pro 7. On the back is a phone with a pair of 12 MP cameras and a 16 MP camera on the front.

Obviously, the cameras went way too well. In the default mode, you can take balanced pictures with natural colors and good detail. We do not have high self-esteem in the low light, nor high glare in the rear camera shots, but of course it is a noisy eye.

Of course you benefit from the fact that the phone is a dual camera. So you can take pictures with bokeh effect, you can change the depth of field easily after you take the picture. In the meantime , if you want to take deep selfie pictures , you can use the rear screen of Pro 7. Here you can select Blur, one of the 3 different mode options, and let you take your picture so you can take pictures in portrait mode, in part.

Meizu Pro 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Comparison

In the meantime, talking about ready-made selfie, it can be fun for people to instantly see what makeup and beauty modes on the phone can make changes to the face. With live preview , you can preview your face, enlarge eyes and play on skin tone. Interesting squares can come out.

Pro 7 also has a Pro mode . Those who use this mode well will get very nice frames with Pro 7. At this point, we can say that you will get attractive results at this point if you try macro shooting in Pro mode. In Macro mode, you can catch nice shots when you catch a good light balance in close-ups.

The technical information we need to give about the rear camera is that it has a f / 2.0 diaphragm , plus phase-sensitive autofocus. However, there is no optical image stabilizer in the camera. You can also record 2K videos at 30 fps in the camera where you can shoot HDR and panorama photos. Lastly, let's also say that there is a black / white mode among the modes, and now we share the photos we took with Meizu Pro 7.

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