Neffos X1 Review and Photos

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If you are looking for a budget-friendly phone, Neffos X1 can give you an idea without examining it.

Neffos is a brand new smartphone brand of TP-Link. TP-Link, which we have already examined the models named Neffos C5 and Neffos C5 Max among the phones before , this time with Neffos X1 model.

TP-Link, the basic models of the newly installed Neffos brand C5, C5 Max and C5L'de ​​then continue with the Nephos X1 and Neffos X1 Max, but the phone was a little late to my country. If you remember, Neffos X1 and Neffos X1 Max were introduced at the IFA Fair in 2016. Then, in July, this model, which is offered for sale in our country, is kind of easy to obtain with prices. At present, the price of Neffos X1 is around TL 1034 .

Our model has 32 GB memory and 3 GB RAM. There is also a different model with 16 GB capacity and 2 GB RAM; its price is a bit more affordable. So what does Neffos X1 present? Now let's take a closer look.

Neffos X1 Review and Photos
Neffos X1 Review and Photos

Neffos X1 design

The Neffos X1 is an extremely lightweight phone. Weighing only 135 grams , the X1 is also very thin with a thickness of 7.95 mm. The phone, which can be kept extremely comfortable in this sense, also offers the ideal size with a 5-inch screen. On the other hand, the metallic design has not been omitted. So it stands close to the premium Premium phones.

We also see that the thinning of the metallic surface towards the edges introduces a thinner profile than it is, and the fingerprint sensor on the back. The sensor works extremely smoothly, you can easily read your finger.

The Neffos X1 also features a 3.5-mm headphone jack on the top edge, power and volume buttons on the right, and a microUSB and speaker grille on the bottom. The speaker is not stereo, it is cosmetically placed on the left side of the grill, but this is not empty, the phone's microphone is located.

When we get to the left side, we see microUSB and SIM card drawers here. The Neffos X1 is a dual SIM card . However, the phone that gives us this with the hybrid system allows you to install a second nano SIM card if you do not use a microSD card. In the meantime, let's also say that the microSD card can be plugged in up to 128 GB.

The crucial point here is the mute, that is, the phone reception. By opening this key, you can get the phone from one point to the other. This is a very rational method in order not to deal with the software.

Finally, let's say that the Neffos X1 has two different color options and that you can choose it with the golden yellow-green color as well as the gray color of your choice. We also give you the knowledge that a headset is included in the case of a properly crafted box.

Neffos X1 Review and Photos
Neffos X1 Review and Photos

Neffos X1 Screen

The Neffos X1 finds itself in the category of middle-class phones in terms of hardware. The Neffos X1, with a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 720x1280 pixels, uses 2.5D, a curved screen from the edges. While the screen to body ratio is at 76% , let us also use the information of capacitive Andrid buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The screen, which we can say that it behaves according to its class with the quality of the image it offers, also offers eye protection mode. As you can open this mode in the Display Settings section, you can also find the same mode in the notification bar. In the meantime, you can turn on and off the LED indicator of the phone in the display settings section.

Neffos X1 Review and Photos
Neffos X1 Review and Photos

Neffos X1 Equipment

If we look at the technical area like the processor, RAM and storage, we can say that we saw 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, as we said at the beginning of the review. As a processor, MediaTek's preferred phone is the MediaTek MT6755 chipset , also known as the Helio P10 . The 8-core processor has four 1.8 GHz frequency Cortex A53 and four 1.0 GHz frequency Cortex A53 cores. The processor is performing well with these cores, but of course it has limits when running compelling tasks.

Of course, I will also give you information on the performance of the phone in this step. The harder you push the phone, the sooner you'll notice it's starting to warm up. But it gets cold as fast as it gets warm; we can easily say that the thermal management on the phone has been successful in this sense.

Let's say that Neffos X1 has the most stable model in terms of RAM and memory. Because the model with 2 GB of RAM, the issue will force you in terms of performance when it comes to Android. That's why this model with 3 GB RAM is more rational.

Let's also say that the Neffos X1 has an Anroid 7.0 Nougat operating system.

Neffos X1 Review and Photos
Neffos X1 Review and Photos

Neffos X1 Performance

Synthetic test results we received by phone are 45412 points from AnTuTu Benchmark and 739 single nuclei from Geekbench 4 with 2862 multi core scores. That's because the phones stand side by side with the same class models like LG Q6 , Sony Xperia C5 Ultra , ZTE Axon 7 mini , Alcatel Pop 4 and Lenovo K6 Note. In this sense, we can say that Neffos X1 behaves according to his class in numerical sense.

So, how is the battery life of the Neffos X1? The phone, which owns a battery at 2250 mAh capacity, gives us the secret of its lightness with this battery capacity. The battery brings the evening with a 720p screen and technical components that work in a conservative manner.

However, if you load a little too much with gaming and multimedia applications, you will have to charge them day after day. Fortunately you are also using the phone's fast charging feature here. It is possible to fill about 50% of the phone in 30 minutes .

Neffos X1 Review and Photos
Neffos X1 Review and Photos

Neffos X1 Camera

The Neffos X1 uses the Sony IMX258 sensor with f / 2.0 diaphragm on the rear camera and PDAF, Phase Sensitive Auto Focus . This 13-megapixel sensor makes the X1 look like a mid-range phone on paper, but with the ability to line up with the power of the line.

Neffos X1, which gives us color saturation and accuracy at the top level, especially in scenes where opposite colors are located in the same square, also greatly improves the level of detail in macro shooting. In this sense, we can easily say that the Neffos X1 is a remarkable model among photographs of the same class.

Low light performance , of course, does not bring huge expectations. In this case, it is especially important that you keep the phone steady.

TP-Link has also developed options for taking photos with the Neffos X1. In addition to professional mode, features such as panorama, slow motion and fast shutter are also added to the camera interface. The phone also offers a beauty mode for the front camera.

Neffos X1 Review and Photos
Neffos X1 Review and Photos
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