Reeder P12S Review and Photos

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Reeder P12S is available. Let's see what Reeder's new phone is bringing, what does it offer?
A new smartphone introduced by Reeder recently , the P12S , is a super- smartphone . With a dark blue design, the reeder P12 looks different from the smart phones on the market, while the smart phone is on the trendy dual cameras.

Reeder P12S review and Photos
Reeder P12S review and Photos

Reeder P12S vs. Huawei P smart comparison

On the other hand, with 6 GB of RAM, the differentiating reeder P12S , what do you offer us with the details now?

How about reeder P12S design?

Reeder P12S has a dark blue design as we have just mentioned. Reeder, in this model will want to come up with this color in the foreground, the phone does not have a different color. When we look at the phone from the front, we see that the screen border frames are very thin. At the bottom of the screen is a fast-moving fingerprint sensor.

Reeder P12S review and Photos
Reeder P12S review and Photos

When you look carefully at the reeder P12S, you see a difference. The front of the phone is not located at the top. The front camera is in the lower right corner of the screen. This way of use, my mind immediately brings Xiaomi Mi Mix . Well, how are we going to use the reeder P12S's front camera? We'll talk about it in the camera step.

reeder P12S vs Casper VIA F2 Comparison

P12S, 76 mm wide, 144 mm long and 7.95 mm thick phone. The weight is 174 grams . So far everything is normal. When we turn the back side of the phone, we see dual cameras at the top, a single LED flash at the top, and a large reeder logo and other phrases at the bottom. Obviously, the logos and symbols are a bit bigger. This usage may not be welcomed by everyone.

On the left edge of the Reeder P12S is the SIM card and the microSD card drawer. In the meantime, let's also say that the phone has dual SIM card support.

Reeder P12S review and Photos
Reeder P12S review and Photos

When we look to the right, here are the classic sounds and power buttons. The top of the phone has a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and the lower edge has a microUSB slot and a speaker jack.

Finally, let's just say that the content of the Reeder P12S box is sufficient and that there is a screensaver and case in the box.

What are the specifications of the Reeder P12S?

Reeder P12S owns a screen of 5.5 inches in size. The display consists of an AMOLED panel. The brightness of the screen is in place, but the resolution is unfortunately HD. So the phone offers a resolution of 720x1280 pixels.

The phone uses Android 7.0 Nougat as its operating system .

Reeder P12S review and Photos
Reeder P12S review and Photos

Reeder P12S vs Meizu M5 Note Comparison

Using the MediaTek MT6757 chipset as a processor, the phone offers power at 2.5 GHz with this 8-core processor. One of the important features of the phone is that it has 6 GB of RAM. The flagship gadget brings the RAM capacity we see on smartphones to a moderate-segment model, allowing the user to be happy in terms of performance .

The phone also features the Mali T880 as graphics unit . So you can use games comfortably.

The storage capacity of the phone is 64 GB . So you're having trouble with game and application storage. If this space is not enough for you, you are already free to expand through the microSD card.

Finally, we can say that the phone battery has a capacity of 3000 mAh so that you can get comfortable for 2 days in normal use.

Reeder P12S review and Photos
Reeder P12S review and Photos

Reeder P12S comes with dual camera

The Reeder P12S is among the dual-camera smartphones. The 16 MP dual camera on the back allows you to take pictures with depth of field so that you can find it in the interface with the Blur feature . When you come to the Blur effect, you see that the oblique environment you are going to blur is blurred. The phone provides the depth of field with the left camera, and also allows you to take monochrome photographs. There are many more shooting modes in the phone, including professional mode. Let's also say you have a 2x zoom option.

The front camera of the phone is positioned at the lower right edge of the screen as we mentioned. When you go to the front camera, a warning appears on the screen and tells you to turn the phone over. So, when you take a selfie, you turn the phone upside down and create a clearer image area for the camera. By the way , let's say the front camera is at 5 MP level.

Reeder P12S review and Photos
Reeder P12S review and Photos

Reeder P12S vs. Alcatel Idol 5 Comparison

We can say that the phone performs an average performance for the camera class . Low light performance is a little bit of a hitch. On the other hand, there are also problems with focusing. If you are a frequent photographer with your phone, we recommend that you keep this in mind.

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