15 IOS Innovations Not Speaked by Apple

Apple's Not Talking about 15 IOS 12 Innovations.

We have already listed 15 innovations that iOS 12 brings but Apple does not mention during promotion!

15 IOS Innovations Not Speaked by Apple

If you followed the introduction of iOS 12 , you might have thought that the update did not bring much innovation. It's true that a number of useful developers have been built in the operating system, but iOS 12 has to be closely examined to see exactly what has changed.

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We have listed 15 of the many innovations that Apple has not mentioned in our promotion, for you below.

15 IOS Innovations Not Speaked by Apple

1. Answer HomePod or Apple Watch

FaceTime, which is the group video chat function, is not just that. You can now join FaceTime calls without having to carry a phone while you are in the kitchen or running.

15 IOS Innovations Not Speaked by Apple

2. Blink Detection

Animoji is not satisfied with perceiving your language. Even if it is not mentioned in the announcement, the function understands that you are blinking and it reflects it in strange-looking characters.

3. iPhone X Similar Movements to iPad

Now you can drag it from the bottom of the screen to the home page. Similarly, you can pull down from the upper right corner to reach the Control Center.

4. Better Portrait Lighting

If you've been using Portrait Lighting on dual-camera iPhones, you've witnessed that the edges are sometimes broken. The new mode leaves the masque of the person in the picture and separates it from the scene in a better way. Thus, a more natural image emerges.

15 IOS Innovations Not Speaked by Apple

5. A New QR Reader

In Apple, Safari and iOS you can create "strong" passwords for you. This entry is flagged if you are using the same password on multiple platforms. So you can convert it to a stronger password and store it on your iPhone.

6. Critical Alerts

While iOS 12 encourages you to use less of your phone, you do not miss critical things. Certain applications can overcome the Disruption barrier so that your loved ones can reach you at the right time.

15 IOS Innovations Not Speaked by Apple

7. RAW Photo Support

Now you can transfer and manage photos in RAW format to iPad and iPhone. If you have a powerful iPad Pro, you can edit photos as well.

8. Longer Animoji

You will now be able to engage your friends for up to 30 seconds using Animoji.

9. Search Multiple Photos in Photos

When searching in the photo gallery, you will now be able to type words like "palm tree".

15 IOS Innovations Not Speaked by Apple

10. Portrait Segmentation

In addition to the portrait mode developed by the camera, third party applications will now be able to separate the foreground and background using software.

12. Siri will have knowledge of motor sports

Now you can ask who is ahead in Siri's Formula 1 world championship.

13. Food Information

Siri now has more information about food. For example, "How healthy is the fish?" questions such as many questions, now is not missed. Information is obtained from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) website.

15 IOS Innovations Not Speaked by Apple

14. Security Code Auto-Fill

This function, which is a feature on Android, can take the code from the message you received in the two-step verification and automatically fill it into the corresponding application.

15. More Battery Information

iOS 12 gives you more detailed information on how you use the phone in the last 24 hours or 10 days.

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