Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Phoneview Photos

We have completed the Samsung Galaxy S9 review in full detail. So, will you get a new admiral?

Samsung, like every year, introduced the new S-series admiral ship this year and presented the Samsung Galaxy S9 at the Mobile World Congress . If you remember, we also had the opportunity of CHIP Online as a new admiral, and we shared with you the initial information and preview of Samsung Galaxy S9 . This time we will examine Galaxy S9 in full detail and we will tell you what the new admiral brings.

First of all, it should be said that the Samsung Galaxy S9 seems to show no major change in its predecessor from its predecessor Galaxy S8, but it is creating the ARAMiFactory with its AR Emoji feature and the unprecedented camera on the smartphone market. What does the new admiral offer in his details? Now let's start with the design in the first place and examine the new admirer step by step.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Phoneview Photos
Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Phoneview Photos

Samsung Galaxy S9 Design

The Samsung Galaxy S9 looks like a Galaxy S8 at first glance . Samsung has created the Galaxy S9 with a touch of sophisticated design at the touch of a button, and the fingerprint sensor that we criticized in the previous model was also a major revision. We were not expecting any major changes in the design for the Galaxy S9, which is already more comfortable with its size than the older brother Galaxy S9 +. Because Samsung, obviously, the Galaxy S8 was a very fashionable design as a design. Galaxy S9 has also been found in a small revision.

Available in gray, purple and black colors, Galaxy S9 offers thinner frames in the front than Galaxy S8. The top frame of the Galaxy S9 is 8.18mm, which is 0.48mm thinner than the Galaxy S8. The lower frame is 6.96 mm. Again this is 0.76 mm thinner than the predecessor model. So the Samsung Galaxy S9 is 1.2 mm shorter than the S8, but it offers a screen of the same size. The biggest advantage of this is that you have a shorter phone if there is a slight difference. The length of the Galaxy S9 is 147.7 mm . The Galaxy S8 is 148.9 mm. Thus, the Galaxy S9 becomes a more stable model in the light. At the thickness point there is a difference of 0.5 mm. The Galaxy S9's thickness increases by 8.5 mm compared to the S8. Likewise the weight ... Galaxy S9 '. S8, 155 grams.

Although there is no major change in the design, the aluminum frame of the Samsung Galaxy S9's edge frames has been further strengthened. So Samsung claims that the phone is more robust against the bump than its predecessor. We still do not recommend using the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 phone as a back-up and screen protection, yet without a sleeve. Because if you are at Gorilla Glass 5 , the surface of the phone can be drawn with the keys, but on the other hand it can see damage when dropped. This, in turn, will cause a lot of money to be wasted when we think that it is the design of what constitutes the greatest appeal of the phone.

In the phone, the biggest difference in the design point is that the fingerprint sensor has been in place. If you remember, we overestimated the location of the Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor . The location of this sensor, located right next to the camera, caused you to accidentally touch your camera with your finger when you wanted to use it. Apparently Samsung would have taken into account our recommendations that the new flagship positioned the sensor under the camera. Thus, the fingerprint sensor was much easier to use than the Galaxy S8.

Another nice detail on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the 3.5 mm headphone jack on the phone . As different brands are now switching to USB-C as headset support, it is quite gratifying that Samsung is maintaining 3.5mm. Thus, the headset can be used comfortably on the phone.

Speaking of ready-made sound, it's a pleasure to have a stereo speaker on the Galaxy S9 . We can say that it is "finally made" for this. Because it is a late update.

In the meantime , let's also say that the Galaxy S9 has IP68 certification for its design and that it is water protected for 30 minutes and 1.5 meters depth .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Phoneview Photos
Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Phoneview Photos

Samsung Galaxy S9 Display

It is not hard to say that the Samsung Galaxy S9 has the best performance on the market for the screen and reflects color reproduction, brightness level, color accuracy and general clarity best. At the same time, display visibility is at the highest level, especially in sunny days, especially under extreme light conditions. This means that you will be comfortable with external use.

The screen on the Galaxy S9 is 5.8 inches . Both screen size and resolution are required, but the dimensions in the view are the same as on the Galaxy S8. The phone also uses Super AMOLED panels, which together with this panel provide a resolution of 1440x2960 ​​pixels with a 18.5: 9 aspect ratio. On the other hand, the pixel density of the phone is still 570 ppi.

Especially with the contrast ratio, we liked the Samsung Galaxy S9, and when we place a visual with a lot of blacks on the screen in a dark environment, we also see that the details are top level.

In the meantime, just like on the Galaxy S8, the resolution on the phone defaults to Full HD + . If you wish, you can bring the resolution to Quad HD + level. Of course, you can customize the color balance of the screen as you wish.

The phone's screen - body ratio, of course Samsung's Infinity Display as indicated by the name quite large due to the use of a virtually frameless screen; 83.6 percent. Finally, let's just say that the Always On Display feature is on the screen . So you can set the display on or off continuously.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Phoneview Photos
Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Phoneview Photos

Samsung Galaxy S9 Operating System

The Galaxy S9 is not really different from the Galaxy S8 in terms of interface. At the point of the operating system, it is different from the phone box with Android 8 Oreo , but when we think that Galaxy S8 is already receiving Android 8 update , there is no difference between the two phones at this point.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 also has a similar use in the Galaxy S8, similar to the iPhone's 3D Touch feature. However, this only comes out with the Home button for vibrating feedback. If you hold down each application icon on the screen, the annotation menu appears. This works just like the predecessor model. From here you have access to additional options for the application. You can also select other icons from here using " Select multiple items ", so you can easily navigate through applications in bulk between screens. However, none of these mentioned are specific to the Galaxy S9, it is also used in the Galaxy S8.

If you are into the keyboard of the Galaxy S9, you have to say a few words. I really dislike the built-in keyboard on the Galaxy S9. Especially if the word suggestion of the keyboard encourages you to use a different keyboard, we are not mistaken.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Phoneview Photos
Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Phoneview Photos

AR Emoji and Bixby

Samsung's Galaxy S9 AR Emoji is certainly the clear answer to Apple's iPhone X model. iPhone X in the form of similar movements against our Animoj, truedepth the camera was undoubtedly just a fun side. The TrueDepth camera's signature feature is that it plays an active role in face recognition, the Face ID system. The Galaxy S9 does not have a move at this point, but it is the company that aims to bring entertainment to its users with AR Emoji. That's why AR Emoji is a new feature that distinguishes the Galaxy S9 from the Galaxy S8, but obviously it does not mean much in terms of technology.

If we were to tell AR Emoji, we could say it's a fun app for Samsung Galaxy S9. With AR Emoji you can create your own emoji character , or choose from the ones already available. The company that makes a deal with Disney in this regard, so you can also use some of the major Disney characters.

AR Emoji creates the line character most like you by perceiving your face through the front camera, thus allowing you to create your own emojini. This means that in social media messaging, you can give life to emojis. So you can create your own digital copy through AR Emoji . Let's also say that you can make emojin face changes, eye and hair color changes and you can create fun GIF animations with this digital copy.

As a result, what we can say with this feature is that AR Emoji is generally fun, but it is definitely not the only reason to buy the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Phoneview Photos
Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Phoneview Photos


Galaxy S8 and Note 8 models of the familiar Bixby, of course, Galaxy S9 Samsung Galaxy also comes out. However , it is obvious that Turkish language support is not yet available for our country . Fortunately, you can use the Bixby key next to the phone .

Bixby, who is expected to act as a digital assistant in many different areas, from photographing to translation, does not have much presence in the Galaxy S8, but Samsung is hopeful for Bixby's future. The South Korean company believes that things will change , especially when it comes to Bixby 2.0 . For this, you probably should not expect a Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. In this sense, it is difficult to say that there are huge differences about Bixby in Galaxy S9. But Bixby Visionwe can say that we are returning more results than the original one and some of the returned results are still not correct. Samsung is working on this; this assistant will probably be strengthened in the coming period. But with the current state of affairs, we can say that you are approaching Siri's talents, but not yet at the level of Google Assist .

Biometric Security and New Speakers

The Galaxy S9 makes a difference when compared to the Galaxy S8, especially when the fingerprint sensor is more useful at the safety point. Especially on the Galaxy S8 + and Note 8 , we switched to the iris instead of the fingerprint sensor. With the Galaxy S9 carrying the sensor where it is more convenient, Samsung has made this sensor even more usable.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a model that demonstrates the development of biometric sensors compared to its predecessor. At least we have seen it in our experiments. Let's say: If we have a 30% to 50% accuracy difference in different light conditions on the Galaxy S8 at the point of face recognition and iris scanning , both are working higher in the Galaxy S9. Because we experimented almost every time we had successful results. But the low light problem is still running. Especially the iris scanner reacts late in low light.

Face recognition is, of course , not as secure as the iPhone X , it's for sure. However, it is not always possible to say the word "can be imitated through photography" for the Galaxy S9. Because we tried it and we did not succeed. That's why it can be comfortable for this reason.

Let's say one more thing about face recognition. For example, you leave the Galaxy S9 on the table and you want to open the phone through face recognition. You will have to put your head in the field of view for this, so you need to extend your head to the phone. It should be said that Apple's Face ID is more successful in this regard. Because Face ID provides a wider viewing angle.

New Speakers

Samsung eventually put a late feature on its flagship. In our Galaxy S8 Plus and Note 8 reviews, we talked about the need for stereo speakers on such a high end phone. Fortunately, before it was late, Samsung joined the Galaxy S9 as a dual-speaker smartphone .

AKG loudspeakers with Dolby Atmos support, of course , offer more enjoyable sound performance than the Note 8 and Galaxy S8 models. We can easily say that the overall voice and sound quality is impressive. However, it will be a very ambitious approach to say that the market is the best in terms of quality. This is because iPhone X is more successful than Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Phoneview Photos
Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Phoneview Photos

Galaxy S9 Performance and Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the most powerful phones introduced this year. The technical staff of the phone is also shaped accordingly. There is, of course, innovation in this regard compared to the predecessor model. The Galaxy S9 is available in the US and China with Snapdragon 845 , which can be purchased with Samsung's new Exynos 9810 chipset in Europe and therefore in our country .

We are powered by an 8-core Exynos 9810 processor, the Galaxy S9, the quad-core 2.7GHz Mongoose M3 and the quad-core 1.8GHz Cortex-A55 chips. The phone's graphics processor is the Mali-G72 MP18.

With 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, the Galaxy S9 is also able to expand 400 GB of memory via the microSD card.

The only thing that could be said for the Galaxy S9 in light of these details is that 2018 is one of the performance monster smartphones . With the Galaxy S9, you have the slightest performance problem, and you're comfortable in the game.

So, how is the battery performance of the Samsung Galaxy S9 ? The Galaxy S9 also features a battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh, like the S8. In this sense, we were expecting a jump in the Galaxy S8, but Samsung has not made a physical change.

An interesting detail with the battery, like our last year's Galaxy S8, shows that when the phone is about 8 hours of battery life , 60 percent of the battery is occupied and the Galaxy S9 is 70 percent the same time.

When we applied our standard 90-minute Full HD video test by setting the phone's display to Quad HD, the result we got was 17 percent missing. This result shows that the consumption of batteries is improved according to the age we passed. Because the Galaxy S8 saw a 23 percent loss in the same test, with a 19 percent loss in screen full HD. In this sense, the Galaxy S9 has progressed with its battery. But the 10 percent loss we receive on the same test as iPhone X is still behind.

So, how much battery power does your Galaxy S9 have to do with sabotage when you leave it alone at night? After an 8-hour night work, the phone shows a loss of 5 percent . This is an average performance for modern phones. But of course we expected better.

Samsung Galaxy S9 has wireless charging support . Samsung is offering wireless charging support in accordance with both Qi and PMA standards. This means that you can charge the Galaxy S9 from any wireless charging pad.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

Samsung is making the biggest difference in its Galaxy S9 with its camera. The 12 MP camera on the phone may not have grown as a resolution, but it offers us a lot of other features. Samsung allows the Galaxy S9's rear camera diaphragm to vary from f / 1.5 to f / 2.4 . Thus, the Galaxy S9 is able to switch between f / 1.5 diaphragms for high-level low-light shots and f / 2.4 diaphragms for better lit scenes, which is more successful on photos. This change is made by the Galaxy S9, which is usually done by default at f / 2.4 aperture. However, when the weak light data is detected, it switches to f / 1.5 and presents the scene with polish. This allows a nice photo to emerge when considering the lighting conditions.

Nevertheless, of course, we will focus on the automatic mode from professional mode, because most of this mode will be used by Galaxy S9 users . For him, we can say one thing: There is not a huge upgrade on the Galaxy S8 in the perfect but always automatic mode.

The Galaxy S9, which meets high quality expectations in general, works well in night and day shooting in automatic mode.

When we go back to the low-light diaphragm of the Samsung Galaxy S9, we can easily say that we have mastered low-light shooting. But at the cost of low light, from time to time you can make compromises, because the scene is polished. The images we shoot in low light contain noise and we see that high brightness is offered. This causes the lack of vitality in some camera snapshots. However , you can change the diaphragms manually by using the professional mode and do so. In this scenario, we can say that you will perform better.

Now let's share the photos we took with Galaxy S9:One of the new features on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the ability to record 960 frames . So the phone is in slow motion . The Galaxy S9 is very successful in this light especially in good lighting conditions and it is not able to benefit from this function in low light as we had previously encountered in Sony Xperia .

To summarize the camera issue, Samsung's Galaxy S9 camera was about to make a big mistake. Yes, the camera often catches a lot of successful scenes, let's just say: You'll have to work hard to take bad photos with the Galaxy S9. However, low light performance, as we have already mentioned, hangs on some borders. On the other hand, those who want to use dual cameras on the Galaxy S9 have to turn to the Galaxy S9 +, which is the last thing to mention.
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