Spigen iPhone X Accessories Review and Photos

Spigen iPhone X Accessories

As a result, the iPhone X is an expensive phone and just like any expensive phone, it also needs to be protected. Because it is so fragile and so unstable like many expensive toys. If you have paid for it and bought an iPhone X for that reason, the money you will give to these accessories will stay on the payroll. That's why I do not even set the price / performanceratio for iPhone accessories . Besides, they are quite affordable. Of course there is no such thing as you will still get the Spijen , there are various accessories under the different brands on the market, you can also look at them. However, these devices we have studied have a great deal of business.

Spigen iPhone X Accessories review

Special review for iPhone X owners: What accessories should I buy?

Since the introduction of iPhone X, it has been talked about with the most desire. Notch loved by some, hated by others, is not too late to be famous, and you know that it has also occupied itself with new smartphones, especially from the Chinese market. Notch will continue on its journey starting with the iPhone X, with many smartphones that we can not count on, such as the Huawei P20 Pro , Asus Zenfone 5 , Nokia X6 , OnePlus 6 , Honor 10 , LG G7 and more. If the location is indirectly on the iPhone X, the main location is your Spigen iPhone X accessory.

Spigen iPhone X Accessories review
In this review, we will take a closer look at some of Spigen's accessories for iPhone X. There are 5 different models in our wardrobe. Let's start with the first model:

Spigen Essential F303W Wireless Qi Fast Charger

First we will look closely at the Spigen Essential F303W wireless Qi fast charger. As the name implies, this device is a wireless charging pod, not just with iPhone X, but with many more smartphones. Because the device uses Qi wireless charging technology and works on smartphones that adopt this standard. The stand, which is compatible with many models from iPhone 8 'den 8 to Galaxy S8, is very spacious with charging area; There are 2 bobbins on the surface.
Spigen iPhone X Accessories review

With the stand feature, you can also catch a comfortable angle of view while the phone is charging. It also has the possibility to check if it is charged with LED light on it. On the other hand, if you use the phone with the case, you do not need to remove the case to charge it. Of course the wireless charger does not charge as much as the serial charger; so this essence is not for those who are in a hurry.

Spigen iPhone X AirSkin

Speaking of the case, there is a good example for those looking for a nice and simple case for iPhone X. If your preference is simple, AirSkin is for you. Because it has a very simple design, it is very thin and does not distort the structure of the iPhone X, it does not thicken it. Airskin , made of special plicarbonate material , can also be found in black and white color options.

Spigen iPhone X Accessories review
The slim profile, unscratched surface and slip resistant matte material, AirSkin is a good cover for your hand if you do not use a screen saver. Because the bombs on the edges of the screen are not that thick.

Spigen iPhone X Slim Armor

For those who are looking for a strong and muscular protective jacket, a special model is available: the Spigen iPhone X Slim Armor , a rather slickcase. It is the first of the drop test with both the back surface and the curved lines that protect the edges of the screen. Military-gradeprotection approved, this device contains double layer. This is also a very secure model. Of course, that makes it a little thicker.
Slim Armor, which has different color options, stands out with its logo on the back and the stand at the bottom.

Spigen iPhone X GLAS.tr SLIM

The Spigen iPhone X GLAS.tr SLIM offers effective protection against knocks and falls in everyday use. It's hard to notice when you stick it to the iPhone X's screen with its slim surface. Does not distort the appearance of the screen, does not degrade the image quality. However, it is possible to keep a fingerprint on it.

Spigen iPhone X Accessories review

Spigen iPhone X Thin Fit Design Edition Arabesque

At number 5, a bonus is hidden: there is a special product for those who like a little arabesque design. Spigen Thin Fit Design Edition Arabesquesheath, in arabesque shades like name. Of course, it is obvious that not everyone is a suitable product, but those who love colored designs will surely.
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