Ulefone Metal Phone Review and Photos

Ulefone Metal, as the name implies, is a phone with a metallic design. Telefoun has 3 different color options in gray, silver and black We have a silver color model. With this color and metallic look, we can say that you look beautiful with the back of the phone. If we look from the front, it's hard to distinguish it from other phones.
Ulefone Metal
The phone, which has a 5-inch screen, has capacitive Android buttons under its screen. There is also a handset and camera on the upper edge; Apart from these, there is no other detail in appearance from the front of the phone. However, when you hold the phone at hand, you notice that the edge lines are rounded. So the grip on the phone is nice. On the other hand, this positive impression has a thickness of 9 mm , but it is also a success.
The back of the phone is metallic, but the upper and lower antenna edges are of course made of synthetic material. The upper antenna line corresponds to the camera, and the lower line corresponds to the loudspeaker. There is also an LED flash and fingerprint sensor under the camera. Voice control and power buttons are also on the right side of the phone.
Ulefone Metal is a phone model that features dual SIM card support . The SIM card drawer is located on the left side. You can also choose a microSD card instead of a second SIM card. With the MicroSD card, you can increase capacity up to 128 GB.

Display and operating system

Ulefone Metal's screen is 5 inches wide. If the resolution is HD, the HD counter is output. For this phone with a resolution of 720x1280 pixels it would not be right to say it alone in the category. We usually see HD resolution in this price segment.
Ulefone Metal's display has IPS material. Brightness and contrast are not very pleasant, I have to say. Especially when the screen is in direct sunlight it does not look even at maximum brightness. On the other hand, the screen-to-body ratio is 67.9 percent . This is also relatively low; but these are always dynamical indexes.
However, protection is not skipped on the screen. The glass surface of the phone is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 'le. There is also a protective band on the screen. Even the case of the phone has a cover with a cover. These are good details.
Ulefone Metal has Android 6.0 as its operating system Do you have an Android 7.0 update, it's hard to say anything. However, we can say that we do not expect very high expectations about updating.
The stock operation system is used in the phone. It was unavailable with very large touches with any customization. A simple, simple Android view is offered. But there are also additional small and beautiful details. One of them is called the Float Multi-Task which appears on the screen.
Here are a few shortcut keys. At some point, such as calculator, file manager, settings, you can easily access it via this wheel. A few other details like this can be found in the Smart Assistant " section under Settings .

Technical staff and  performance

When we look at the technical staff of Ulefone Metal, we see MediaTek MTK MT6753 in the processor The phone running at 1.3 GHz uses the ARM Mali-T720  graphics chip. Besides 16 GB of storage space, 3 GB of RAM is an important detail. If you remember, Reeder P11SE also had 3 GB RAM. But compared to it, Ulefone Metal is more advantageous in this sense because it brings more affordable price.
Approximately 12 GB of 16 GB of storage space is available. If this space is not enough for you, you can increase the microSD card by 128 GB. If you are a frequent gaming enthusiast, you will also need a microSD card. Meanwhile, the phone also produces appropriate performance for games. NOVA and Need for Speed ​​No Limits . Here, the Mali T-720 GPU unit performs its duties.
If we come to the emission values ​​of the phone, we can say that the phone is relatively balanced in temperature. When the phone is idle, the overall heat spread of 31 degrees is at an average of 37 degrees at maximum load This is an acceptable value. We are convinced that you will be comfortable with the heat in everyday use.
However, it is difficult to say that the phone works very efficiently on power efficiency. Yes, it has a large battery like 3050 mAh , but it can consume much more serial than the narrower battery models. For example , if we compare the power efficiency of the phone with that of the TP-Link Neffos C5 , we can say that the model is 18 percent more balanced.
When we roam over Wi-Fi, let's say we have a total of 6 hours and 50 minutes . In this sense, it is necessary to take a higher time than a battery with over 3000 mAh battery.
Of course we assessed the quality of speech and voice on our phone calls. We did not observe any difficulties with the sound quality in the calls we received from our phone. Both the voice communicated to us and the voice reaching the other side were good. So you do not have to worry about the phone's handsets and microphones. The main speaker is mono, as can be predicted. It sounds loud, but do not expect high performance.
If we come up with the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone , we can say it works very well. The sensor, which can detect your finger easily, does not bother you in the first recognition process. In the mean time, the sensor is only one step. So when you touch your finger, the screen opens.


Ulefone Metal's main camera uses the Sony IMX149 sensor. This sensor gives us 8MP, but it supports photo interpolation up to 13 MP. So the photos you take are scaled to 13 MP . The front camera is a similar situation. Here it is scaled from 2 MP to 5 MP .
If we evaluate the quality of the shots of the cameras, we can say that, like many phones in this category, bright lighted areas produce good results in daylight. However, it is possible to encounter blurry results in low light conditions. The lack of OIS , on the other hand , causes you to have poor clarity in your photos. However, as we have just said, these are always dynamical indexes.

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