What is the Android System?


What is the android system and how it work?

As the development of technology touches every area of our lives since the beginning of 2.000'l year in our mobile phones came into our lives has influenced by insofar and even longer for them to pocket our very hand of our fall MOBILE PHONE instead SMARTPHONES We're so classifies been.

"Cell Phones Device Phone Card = Calls" equation "Smart Device Data Packed Phone Card = Online Communication, Internet, Food Delivery, Bus Hours, Who What Make, News ...."   unlimited content equation, such as the location of the left case.
Of course, the biggest burden here is the applications that work in smart phone devices and make life easier, and the operating systems that these applications have come to life.

One of the most widely used mobile operating systems today is the Android operating system, which is one of the most widely used operating systems written by mobile phone manufacturers by the leading companies of the software industry for the use of technological developments that come with the internet on smart mobile phones .   

Android is an Open Source operating system based on the Linux Operating System, coded by Google and the Open Handset Alliance for mobile devices (PDAs) and smartphones. The app extension supported by the Android operating system is ".apk". Because Android is open source, it has a large group of developers who write and develop applications to enhance the functionality of their devices.

There are more than 400,000 apps to use on Android-powered devices and this number is increasing every day.

Used on Android devices, these apps can be downloaded from various sites, but most of them are powered by Google Play Android Market .

Developers first wrote the device in Java, controlling it via Google's java library.

The Open Handset Alliance announced the launch of Android in late 2007, followed by 34 hardware, software and telecom companies agreeing that a non-copyrighted operating system for mobile devices is beneficial for the development of technology.

When launched into the market in 2008, many Android Operating Systems have become open to development with Apache free-software and Open Source Code licensing. Android is a mobile operating system built on the linux kernel, in which middleware, libraries and APIs are written in C language. The application software runs on the application framework containing java-compatible libraries built on apache harmonics. Android uses a dynamic-dial (JIT) Dalvik virtual machine to run the compiled java code and has a large programmers environment working to develop applications that enhance the functionality of the devices.

The Android operating system consists of five parts.

The kernel is the Linux kernel. It includes security, memory management, process management, network stacks and drive models.

Android Runtime: Virtual machine. It also includes Dalvik Virtual Machine.
Libraries: Database includes libraries, web browser libraries, graphics and interface libraries.
Application Framework: It is the part that provides a broad platform for application developers.
Application Layer: Direct Java (programming language) contains advanced applications.

The adroid operating system has a system that is clearer than other systems, as we mentioned in the introduction section of our article. This makes it easy to access whatever application we want, but sometimes this system with the Linux core may not cause it to become an open target against attack. The Andorid system uses Google Play as its app store . Android devices usually have 5 main screens. You can make these screens much more useful by adding shortcuts called widgets. You can add dozens of widgets like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, news and weather without having to enter the menu.

In terms of ease of use and interface, the Android operating system is a bit complicated and has a giant market with about 400,000 applications on Google Play, and this market uses Android operating system devices. It is possible to find many applications on the market. The quality and number of applications have also increased considerably in recent years.

It is very useful to be able to download app files with APK extension without being dependent on this Market. The Android operating system has no limitations. It is possible to judge everything from the screen brightness of the device to checking the storage. When an Android device connects to a computer, it sees the USB task, and the files are easily transferred. You can also customize with custom software and operating system modes. Updates are being made to Google Android, albeit not very often.

What is the Android system?

What is android we use in smartphones that have become increasingly popular in recent times.

Developed by Android, Google and the Open Handset Alliance, an operating system on smartphones. What is Android, though its use is quite widespread? There are still unknown phone users. Knowing how the operating system works will help users to get the most from the opportunities offered by this system and what should be done in the face of problems.

A large number of functions can be found in mobile phones via android, a giant operating system developed by Google and used by millions of users around the world.

Google android technology Linux operating system kernel applied. Today, most of the phone models produced have the android operating system. Mobile phones with the Andorid operating system provide users with the ability to use many different applications. One of the reasons why this operating system is so popular is that it offers these applications free of charge.

In addition, Google is constantly improving its Android operating system to make different versions. For this reason, the android operating system constantly improves itself. What does Android do? There are many advantages provided by this system for those who ask Sorusun. First of all, mobile phones with this operating system support files with Apk extension. In addition, thanks to the market application hundreds of paid or free applications instantly and you can download mobile phones. These applications are designed in categories such as news, entertainment, life, games. Google earns revenue from advertising on games and apps in the Google Play market.

How does Andorid have a system? For those wondering, let's say that this operating system consists of 5 parts. The most important part of these parts is the kernel of the Linux operating system. Other parts of Android, a mobile operating system built on Linux kernel, can be listed as Android Runtime, Library, Application Framework and Application Layer.

What is Android, what is it and how does it work?

Android-based phones, which are the most preferred phones of the age of technology, have become popular and many users are thrilled. What is Android still the most used? There are users who do not know. Not knowing the origin, the operating system of the device used expands the solution of the problems. Now let's give a brief information about Android. As you know, many phones are now compatible with Android. Today, many users are able to use the phone easily with Android.

Android is a giant operating system developed by Google and used by millions of people. Android operating systems are available on mobile phones and tablets. Linux operating system kernel is used. It builds the Android base structure. Apk supports the extension. Android-based phones are useful devices in many ways. There will be people who ask what is Android. First and foremost, Android-enabled phones prioritize the availability of different applications. Especially being a Java supporter is becoming one of the most noticeable features of phone and tablet users. Every Android-based phone and tablet allows many applications to run and use very easily. In addition, one of the advantages of using an Android phone is that it gives you the right to use the apps for free. It is possible to use thousands of applications without paying any fee. Android is also an operating system that develops day by day in terms of versions. Using the phone with the versions has become more practical in the way. Android version names are usually sweet and sweet. There is something interesting about it. How is Android a system? It is useful to emphasize once again for those who do not know. Android's brains are made up of five parts. The most important part is the kernel called Linux. The phone's security and memory are protected by Linux. Android Runtime, Library, Application Framework and Application Layer constitute the other sections.

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