HTC U12 + Plus Review and Photos

The HTC U12 + was finally introduced and quickly entered our test center. Here is the detailed HTC U12 + review!

HTC has signed a model with a completely different viewpoint between the U11 model and smartphones that we introduced last year. After reviewing the  HTC U11  model we had in September of last year,  we got to the new admiral without expecting much. The name of this model is U12 Plus and the new admiral is a smartphone with " innovative touches " like the woof . The new model, which draws attention with its liquid surface design, is also one of the top models in terms of performance . So, in the tests we applied to HTC U12 +, we saw that the phone was placed in the top of the list in order. The screen, which is the same size as its predecessor, is doubled with the camera.

HTC U12 + 's price Turkey is not yet clear. However, we  can say that the price of the 64GB model  will be $ 799 . In other words, the new model,  TL 4000 - 5000 will be  located in the band. Well, with this price and the features it offers, will the  HTC U12 + be purchased ; In this review, we will give the answer to this question. Let's first look at the design of the HTC U12 Plus and then go into the details.

How to design HTC U12 +?

The HTC U12 + is a phone that is very stylish with its design, a handy phone that keeps getting well, with its rounded lines. The front and back of the phone are made of glass, and the back surface   adopts the liquid surface design as we are familiar with the HTC U11 . The presence of this design causes the phone to reflect the light differently depending on the ambient lighting, and of course this is also a nice image.

The phone, made of aluminum frames, has almost zero frame on the edges of the screen. The HTC U12 + , which has a fairly slim screen frame on the top and bottom sides,  captures an 18: 9 aspect ratio with a 6-inch screen. We will talk about the screen in more detail later on.

The HTC U12 + comes with flame red and translucent blue colors, as well as the ceramic black color of your choice. Especially since the translucent blue casing shows the inner surface of the phone, it is very interesting. Is thickened compared to the predecessor of the phone and  8.7 mm  is again level and  188 g  to be mentioned that weight.

Again  , the phone, which has the IP68 certificate against the water and the tobacco just like its predecessor, is  able to withstand water for up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes. This, of course, means that you can wash the phone at any time.

If we look around the phone, we see the microSD card drawer with the SIM card slot on the left side and the USB-C port on the bottom. The phone does not have any  3.5 mm headphone jacks  . In the case of the box, you have your own headphones. But a converter adapter is not installed. So if you want to use your own headset with this phone, you will have to buy an adapter. There is also a silicone case in  the box  .

The power and volume buttons of the HTC U12 Plus are located on the right side. These keys, which are used differently from the conventional mechanical keys, are haptic, ie tactile feedback. Well, that's how functional it is. In this step, we come to the " innovative touch " that HTC applies to the U12 Plus ...

What does HTC Edge Sense 2 do?

HTC also like U12 +  HTC U11  like  squeezing a used phone . But according to the predecessor model was improved and the edge surfaces have become more sensitive to your touch.  This technology, which HTC calls  Edge Sense 2 , includes not only gestures but also other features. One of them is confronted with the buttons of power and sound that we just mentioned.

Separating the power and volume buttons from conventional mechanical keys, HTC has prepared these keys as " tactile ". The phone with vibrating feedback when you touch the keys is, frankly speaking, badly misused by this use. To awaken the phone, you have to apply extra pressure to press the power button. Also for the sound buttons. HTC You will also notice that the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen has been customized with software. When you slide this bar, you are seeing new icons. Here, the power button, the screen capture button is virtually positioned. Yes, forget to press the power and volume down button to capture the screen image; but you can take a screenshot with this virtual key, or you can use this function to zoom in on the edges of the phone.

Again, there is another icon in the navigation bar that is quite unnecessary, which when clicked opens the notification drawer. Obviously, we're just putting in the fact that there's a gap in the bar. Oh, and there is the icon to record screen videos, which works; Let's break it.

Now let's come to the feature of edge creasing that comes out in the predecessor model U11. To be honest, this feature is still not very functional. While we reviewed U11, we emphasized that this feature was innovative and interesting, but we said we thought it would not be preferred in everyday use. We have also mentioned that HTC experts should develop this feature, but we see that there is still little change.

If you can open or close an application when you squeeze it from the sides of the phone, you can still try another application such as camera, flashlight, etc. That is all. For now, there is still nothing to enlarge.

Another feature that comes with Edge Sense 2 is that when you double tap on the edges of the phone you get the opposite. When you double-tap the left or right edge, the screen of the phone shrinks, allowing you to use the screen with one hand. This application seems to work a bit, but that's all.

What does the HTC U12 + display offer?

The HTC U12 + is a successful model with a screen. The U12 Plus is now following the 18: 9 trend of the last period, now entering the smart phone market with a bright 6 inch screen like its predecessor. The  phone, which owns a Super LCD6 panel like Salafi  , still   offers a resolution of 1440x2880 pixels . Also the density of 537 ppi pixels is the same. However, despite being almost the same size as its predecessor, the U12 +, which offers a wider viewing area, is 80.3 percent with a screen-to-body ratio   .

The U12 + 'in screen looks nice, so be it. However,  Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus  should not expect an impressive image. Super LCD technology will meet expectations in the image. But we  did not find it as impressive as the S9 Plus  and  iPhone X at the deep contrast point  . When it comes to the ready  iPhone X , the fact that there is not a notch on the screen distinguishes the U12 + from other recent admirers. That's good news for users who do not like the nicknames.

Let's also say that you will enjoy a pleasant use of movies and games related to screen performance. Aside from the high brightness ratio, it is also worth pointing to the screen that we find at a good level of color saturation, the speakers that accompany the multimedia step at this point. Because BoomSound speakers , which are the most favorite part of HTC, are   also included in this phone and are successful in stereo sound. Also included are the headphones in the box. Good news for those who want to use their Bluetooth headset on this phone: uT + has  aptX HD  support.

What's in the HTC U12 + operating system?

While we talked about Edge Sense 2, the operating system we partly mentioned is still adopting the HTC Sense interface, which is very close to Google's stock Android look.  U12 + working on Android 8 Oreo , in the   planning of Android 9 update.

In HTC Sense , which continues to be one of the best interfaces among smartphones, the  Sense Companion  digital assistant is just as it is on the U11. This assistant reminds you on the basis of your personal use and location, and continues to make recommendations. Also, when you pull the screen to the right again, you will see the  BlinkFeed  screen.

The HTC U12 Plus comes with Edge Sense 2, one of the new operating system innovations. HTC has included a new model   called the Edge Launcher . When you squeeze the phone on both sides, you can access your favorite applications via these open wheels. This feature is similar to the Edge screen we are familiar with from some kind of Samsung Galaxy Ss. You can add favorite applications to the slots you want to access quickly.

How is HTC U12 + performance?

The HTC U12 + is an extremely powerful phone. We can say this easily. Because  the phone has a  Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, it has an 8-core chipset. With the processor of Kyro 385 Gold and Silver chips working at frequencies of 2.8 GHz and 1.7 GHz, the HTC U12 Plus, which is now in the list of synthetic tests we are doing,  uses the Adreno 630 as a graphics processor as well  .

U12 +, a smart phone with a full  6 GB of RAM , has 64 and 128 GB of memory. It's a 64 GB model. You can expand this area with microSD card.

Equipped with Cat.18 Gigabit LTE  support, just like the Galaxy S9 +,  the U12 Plus provides 1200 Mbps downloads and 150 Mbps upload speeds. It also has  Bluetooth 5.0  support and offers 802.11ac as Wi-Fi standard.

Speaking about the performance of the phone, it is clear that the performance at the level of the admiral. With the score we got from AnTuTu Benchmark,  the phone that collects 256729 points ,  places it with this score per list. The Huawei P20 Pro , the  iPhone 8  and the  Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus succeeded, but when it comes to GeekBench, it goes back a couple of steps.

The  U12 Plus, which scored 2454 points for the single core score in the GeekBench test  , scored 8772 points for the multi-core scenario   .

Galaxy S9 Plus ,  iPhone 8  and  U12 +, which ranks 4th after iPhone X in the single core chart with the points collected  , does not break the order in the multi-core chart of GeekBench, but it closes the abyss.

HTC U12 + 'ın gaming performance, I guess you are at the top level. The phone was available for as long as we could. However , if we are talking about trend mobile game  PUBG recently , we can say that the game is already playing by default with high graphical details and high performance throughout the game. Meanwhile, the battery capacity of the HTC U12 + is  3500 mAh  . Which means you'll be out on the phone by day. Let's also say you have quick charger support. After about 30 to 40 minutes, you can fill up 50 percent of the battery. However, there is no wireless charging  support on the HTC U12 Plus  .

So, is the HTC U12 + warming up? Obviously yes. When you tilt the phone, play games for a long time, or make 4K video recordings, you can see that the phone is significantly warm.

Finally, in the performance step, let's look at the fingerprint sensor. The sensor is very successful at the point of need of identification; responds quickly. There is also a Face Unlock  feature on the HTC U12 Plus  . Thus, by defining your face, you can open the lock. We can easily say that face recognition works faster than Galaxy S9. But you have to push the power button to promote your face, which is a bit difficult as we mentioned before.

You can see the HTC U12 + performance charts right in the video above.

How does the HTC U12 + camera work?

HTC once again played with the new phone. Perhaps it is the most prominent feature of the phone that it is the place to say. So much so that the camera performance provided by the phone is in DxOMark,  taking 103 points and moving into  second place. In the meantime, of course, the Huawei P20 Pro is still in the first place   .

The HTC U12 + has dual cameras  , both front and rear  . The front cameras have a f / 2.0 diaphragm double 8 MP size; HDR and panorama support. The rear cameras are  positioned next to each other in the form of a 12 MP  main camera with f / 1.75 aperture  and a 16 MP telephoto camera with f / 2.6 aperture  .

Rear cameras offer 2x optical zoom and digital zoom up to 10x, while phase detection and laser autofocus are combined. The camera with HDR Boost 2 technology has an optical image stabilizer and you can take advantage of it at the most video point. The  U12 Plus, capable of recording 4K video at 60 frames per video point  , also offers Electronic Image Stabilization support in addition to OIS. Thus, the phone has good tracking performance and double-tone dual LED flash on the back. In the meantime, of course, the HDR-backed main camera can record up to 240 full HD videos. So slow motion free. But  Galaxy S9 Plus does not have 960 frames of video recording like in a wicket.

The HTC U12 Plus also gives us the   freedom to take Bokeh -effect, which means taking pictures in depth of field. But obviously HTC took a little longer. Because we saw the company with a single camera on the U11 model. The interesting part is that HTC is one of the leaders of the dual camera revolution. In 2014, the one who we  reviewed the  one M8  model we remembered would remember that there were two cameras in that model. Fortunately, after 4 years, HTC returned to the scene.

Thanks to the dual cameras, we can say that the U12 + has done a better job with natural Pixel 2 in terms of naturalness  . The fast and accurate autofocus camera was able to provide us with pleasant color and accurate white balance in our photo shoots. We can easily say that it also shows correct exposure. For those who want more, professional mode is already on the interface.

Oh, there are some of the cameras, of course. Especially in low light it is obvious that it has lost detail and created a gren. You can see the reflection of this in the middle zoom. On the other hand, over-exposed scenes in HDR shots are also evident.

HTC, U12, +, Plus, Review, Photos, HTC U12, HTC U12 +, U12 Plus,

HTC, U12, +, Plus, Review, Photos, HTC U12, HTC U12 +, U12 Plus,

HTC, U12, +, Plus, Review, Photos, HTC U12, HTC U12 +, U12 Plus,

HTC, U12, +, Plus, Review, Photos, HTC U12, HTC U12 +, U12 Plus,

HTC, U12, +, Plus, Review, Photos, HTC U12, HTC U12 +, U12 Plus,

HTC, U12, +, Plus, Review, Photos, HTC U12, HTC U12 +, U12 Plus,

HTC, U12, +, Plus, Review, Photos, HTC U12, HTC U12 +, U12 Plus,

HTC, U12, +, Plus, Review, Photos, HTC U12, HTC U12 +, U12 Plus,

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