Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review and Photos

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

·        Successful performance
·        Cooling system
·        Thin-sided IPS screen
·        Wide connectivity option
·        Conveniently portable
·        Drives in USB memory
·        8 GB RAM may be insufficient in some scenarios

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

Summaries for Monster Tulp V18.1 T5

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 is a nice model for those looking for a good laptop. If you are looking for a 15.6-inch gaming laptop, not a 17-inch model, we would definitely recommend it. The laptop, which works well with the active cooling system, provides a very successful performance in games . In the meantime, the Sound Blaster Cinema 5 speakers in the device are also accompanied by a good sense of voice. Of course, we recommend that you wear your headphones when you plug turbo fans into it, as it is separate.

Developing important products for players , Monster offers successful models especially at the price / performance point. For this reason, I was able to review different models in a short time from Monster, which is widely preferred by the players. These included Abra A5 and Abra A7 models. This time comes a different class model. In this review, we will take a closer look at Monster's Tulpar T5 . The version at hand is V18.1.

Monster Tulpar T5 V18. How is the 1 design?

Unlike the Abra models , the Tulpar T5 looks more stylish. This model has an aluminum outer and inner surface. So I immediately answer my followers who will ask me about durability, the laptop has a durable profile.

The black-brushed surface attracts attention, and the laptop is a compact size with a 15.6-inch chassis. I can say especially that the laptop computer is relatively thin. The laptop, which is 19.9 mm thick, weighs 2 kilograms. This allows for a comfortable transport for mobile players.

The Tulpar T5 V18.1 on the hand is a model with a mechanical keypad. This is a good advantage for users who prefer mechanical keys. On the other hand, having a numeric keypad is an important detail. Thus, the Tulpar T5 has all the functionality required by its keyboard.

Just below the keyboard with RGB color backlight is a comfortable TouhCpad area. When you are not using this area, I can say that it is possible to close it by using keyboard shortcuts in a few moments.

When we look at the links of the Tulpar T5, we see that there are many options here. The addition of full-size HDMI, as well as the dual mini DisplayPort 1.3 output, adds to the options. They are all on the back of the laptop. There is also a large port on the device in terms of USB. USB 2.0, 3.1 Type A and Type C ports. In addition, there are sections such as SD card reader and Gigabit Ethernet port. It's also a pleasure to have 2x2 802.11ac Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 5.0 support among the wireless connections of the laptop .

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 display and operating system

The screen of the Tulpar T5 V18.1 is 15.6 inches in size. Especially important is the fact that the edge frames of the screen are rather thin, providing a large image. Full HD resolution on the screen gives you an ideal view.
The panel used on the screen is preferred as IPS. IPS panel used with LEDbacklighting is important in terms of providing wide viewing angle. The color scheme is also very large IPS panel, allows you to get colorful and vivid images at the point of movies and video outside the game. These are important details for the screen.

If it comes to the operating system we see on the screen, the laptop comes with Freedos. So, you need to do the Windows setup yourself. So where do you get the drivers for the device? At this point, Monster is a big contributor and offers all the drivers of the laptop computer in a USB memory stick. So once you have done the Windows installation, you can only do one thing at a time to install all the hardware items.

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 performance

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1, a powerful laptop computer. Core Intel i7-8750Hprocessor with 6 physical cores from Intel's next-generation processor family can power up to 4.1 GHz. 8 GB DDR4 RAMs and accompanying RAM on the laptop 2400 MHz frequency. If you remember, we have seen that the Abra A7 V9.2.1 , which we have just reviewed, uses 2666 MHz RAM. Although not in this model, you can also find this configuration in different versions of the Tulpar T5. On the other hand, you can also choose 16 GB capacity instead of 8 GB capacity.

One of the important technical features of the Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 is the use of an advanced cooling system. The turbo fan system, which is housed in 4 different locations around the laptop computer, helps keep your performance at the top level. The turbo fan system enters the circuit under load and discharges the heat quickly. You can activate this feature by pressing the button next to the power key. Of course, in this scenario, the fans are working in high pitch; I say that too.

Of course, the main point of interest in this model of the Tulpar T5 is which display card is used. On this device, we see NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1060 graphicscard. With the GTX 1060 with a capacity of 6 GB, it is possible to run your games well. We will take a closer look at how the results are obtained with the card.

Lastly, let me talk about SSD. The device has a 256 GB M.2 SATA SSD. Monster , who made the SSD preference for XPG , produced 1023 MB / s in sequential reading point and 838 MB / s in sequential writing point in this measurement with CrystalDiskMark . So, what kind of graphics does the device draw in games ? The Tulpar T5 was available for a while and we had a chance to review the new games at Crew 2 and the Rainbow Six Siege , which got a good place among the players . Now let's see how the Tulpar T5 is performing in these two votes ...

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 ReviewMonster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

Monster Tulpar V18.1 T5 Review

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 Technical Specifications

Product Model
Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1

Product Type

CHIP Online Note


Intel Core i7-8750H
Processor Speed
2.20 GHz
Number of cores
Display and Graphics
15.6 inches
Display Panel
1920 x 1080 px
Graphic Processor
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
Graphic Capacity
6 GB
Memory and Storage
Memory (RAM)
8 GB
256 GB
Optical driver
USB 2.0
There is
There is
Card reader
There is
359 × 240 × 19 mm
2.0 kg
Technical details
USB 3.1 Type-A
2 units
USB 3.1 Type-C
1 unit
Mini DP 1.3
2 units


·        Product Type Laptop
·        Field of Use Game
·        Product Family Monster Tulpar
·        Product Line Tulpar T5

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 SCREEN

·        Screen Size 15.6 inches
·        Screen Resolution 1920 × 1080 Pixels
·        Screen Resolution Shape Full HD
·        Panel Type LED (IPS)
·        Display Properties Mirror Surface
·        The screen is not touchable

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 Design

·        Width 359 mm
·        Depth 240 mm
·        Thickness 20 mm
·        Weight 2.10 kg
·        Rich Black

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 Software Used

·        Operating System FreeDOS / Linux

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 PROCESSOR

·        Intel Core i7-8750H with CPU Modules
·        CPU Brand Intel
·        CPU Series Intel Core i7
·        CPU Release Date 2018 2nd Quarter
·        CPU Frequency 2.20 GHz
·        CPU Turbo Frequency 4.10 GHz
·        CPU Core Adder 6
·        CPU Workpiece Adedi 12
·        CPU Cache 9 MB
·        CPU Lithography 14 nm
·        CPU TDP 45 W
·        CPU Technology Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology Idle States Intel AES New Instructions Intel Intel® Memory Access Intel Intel® Memory Technology Intel® Intel® Memory Technology Intel® Intel® Memory Technology Intel® Intel® Memory Technology

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 MEMORY

·        Ram (RAM) 8 GB
·        Ram Frequency 2400 MHz
·        Ram Type DDR4L (Low Consumption)
·        Ram Slot 1 Used

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 STORAGE

·        Harddisk (HDD) not found
·        Harddisk (SSD) Available
·        Harddisk (SSD) Dimension 256 GB
·        Hard Drive (SSHD) not available
·        Harddisk (eMMC) Not Found

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 EXTERNAL GRAPHICS

·        External Graphics Card Available
·        Graphics Card Mark NVIDIA
·        Graphics Card Series NVIDIA GeForce GTX
·        NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with Graphic Card Model
·        Graphics Card Core Speed 1506 MHz
·        Graphics Card Maximum Core Rate 1708 MHz
·        Display Card Ram Amount 6 GB
·        Display Type Ram Type GDDR5
·        Display Card Ram Interface 192 bit
·        Graphics Card Additional Details Features NVIDIA Ansel NVIDIA G-SYNC NVIDIA GameStream NVIDIA GPU Boost 3.0
·        Graphics Card DirectX Version 12
·        Graphics Card OpenGL Version 4.5

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 INTERNAL GRAPHICS

·        Intel UHD Graphics 630 with Built-in Graphics
·        Built-in Graphics Basic Speed 350 MHz
·        Built-in Graphics Maximum Speed 1.1 GHz
·        Built-in Graphics Additional Details Features DirectX 12 Support Intel Clear Video HD Technology Intel Clear Video Technology Intel InTru 3D Technology Intel Quick Sync Video OpenGL 4.5 Support 4K Support


·        USB 2.x Available
·        USB 2.x Adedi 1
·        USB 3.x Available
·        USB 3.x Adedi 2
·        USB Type-C Available
·        USB Type-C Adept 1
·        HDMI Available
·        VGA (Mini D-Sub) Not Found
·        Mini DisplayPort Available
·        Mini DisplayPort Features 2 Pieces
·        Ethernet (LAN / RJ45) Available
·        Ethernet Features Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mbps)
·        Card Reader Available
·        Card Reader Features SD Card Reader
·        Fingerprint Reader not available

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 WIRELESS Connection Units

·        Blue Teeth Available
·        Blue Dental Properties 5.0
·        Wireless Features Dual Band 802.11 a / c

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 Keyboard

·        Keyboard Layeni Q
·        Keyboard Features Number Keypad (Numeric Pad)
·        Detachable Keyboard Not Found
·        Keyboard Rear Interior Light s Available


·        Optical Reader not available
·        Camera (Webcam) Available
·        Camera Features HD

Monster Tulpar T5 V18.1 Battery

·        Battery Power 47 Wh
·        Battery Features Li-Po (Lithium-Ion Polymer)
·        Battery Cell Adjective 3 Cell

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