Openbook vs Facebook - What is the OpenBook?

The cryptography software PGP's inventors are investing in Openbook, which will compete against Facebook and take privacy for the forefront!

Opposing Openbook vs Facebook

A new social media platform is emerging for people who leave the platform because of the fiasco that is bored by Facebook. A new initiative called Openbook is now beginning to collect community funding at KickStarter. Not long ago, Philip Zimmermann, the creator of PGP encryption, and financial support from Jae Baloo, the security chief of Dutch telecom company KPN Telecom.

People who like the Cambridge Analytica fiasco and third party Facebook apps to leave the platform after unacceptable mistakes like leaking or selling personal data and looking for an alternative to Facebook may like the Openbook. There are other platforms that focus on privacy, including Diaspora, Friendica, and Mastodon, but not so far as it has been.

The failure of the other platforms was a difficult transition. But switching to the Openbook is as easy as dragging and dropping your old social media archive, according to the company. Then your profile pictures, photos, videos, interviews and more will pass to the Openbook.

Openbook also said that social media has made changes to the notification system to reduce the addictive features and reduced total notifications. If your Openbook ear is interesting, you can provide financial support to developers at KickStarter .

Openbook , Meet Honest, Open Source and Great Social Network that wants to be a real competitor of Facebook. Detailed information about Openbook.

We all know that social network giant Facebook has some scratches in its image after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. But now, according to the latest reports, OpenBook wants to be a real competitor of social network Facebook.

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What is the OpenBook?

Social network giant Facebook has suffered some scratches in its image after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. However, the company's shares reached a record level in a few months; Mark Zuckerberg is the fourth richest man in the world. But is there a demand for an alternative? Open Book hopes it will happen.

OpenBook wants to be a real competitor of social networking Facebook. It will link people together without risking adverts and without privacy. The project is supported by Philip Zimmermann, the creator of PGP, a well-known e-mail encryption software.

The new social network was designed by cyber security engineer Joel Hernandez. According to the Financial Times, it promises "open source, zero tracking, zero spy, zero advertising" and will donate 30% of revenue to a charity. (This is usually the first time that the sharing of the income is changing, and then it changes, so it's easy to give 30% of the money in your pocket, but 30% of your money in the bank)

OpenBook aims to make money to market with "physical and digital goods transactions in the network". Helping other companies create built-in, self-contained social networks with additional features.

Other alternatives tried to compete with Facebook, but eventually forgotten. Hernandez hopes to attract users by offering a tool to carry photos, videos and conversations. This data portability is required thanks to the European Union law.

Open book is raising money through a Kickstarter campaign. This mass fund will only get the money when it reaches its starting goal of 100 thousand dollars. At this moment, (until mid-August) only $ 17,019 will be collected.

Especially since many users prefer to stay on Facebook, there will be no explosive start. There are 2.2 billion people who reach the social network every month, and the number continues to rise despite campaigns like #DeleteFacebook .

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