The Future Comes: A TV That Can Roll Down and Look Behind LG!

The Future Comes: A TV That Can Roll Down and Look Behind LG!

It seems that the time has come for televisions to leap in today's world, where technology is everywhere. LG's 195-screen prototype looks pretty eye-catching. It seems that the time has come for televisions to leap in today's world, where technology is everywhere. LG's 195-screen prototype looks pretty eye-catching.

LG, which has been publishing the concept of both foldable and transparent models in the past few years, was not expected to go on the market in the near future. The television, which introduced the 65-inch model at the last CES conference, has now succeeded in passing the same technology over to the very same 77.

Meet LG's 195-Percussion Breakthrough 195-Screen Television!

LG has announced the 195-inch OLED TV, which is one inch thicker than 1 cm.

LG, one of the largest companies in South Korea, has done a great job on television. The LG 77W7 is a full-fledged 77-inch (195-screen) OLED display, with a big screen that's so thin that you can mount the TV with a wall magnet. Offering HDR support as well as 4K UHD resolution, the 77W7 will offer a window to the whole world from home.

The price of the LG 77W7, which has a libel over the price, is not a TV that can easily be purchased worldwide as well as our country. The television, which is being prepared to be offered for sale at 20.000 dolars, shows us how the screens will look like in the future even though it is extremely luxurious.

With an inch (2.5mm) in thickness, LG has accomplished an amazing success with the help of wall-mounted magnets, which show the TV as a complete work of art. The Dolby Atmos sound system, located at the bottom of the TV, is not just a sound system, according to LG's new technology. Choosing to keep all of the equipment out of the TV's screen, LG chose to mount the screen only on the wall.

Considering the absurd price of the television, it might be a dream to get this television right now, but would you prefer it if you could get it? Because this television is a separate problem.

Latest information about LG's 2018 televisions with OLED display

At the beginning of the month, LG , which introduced the world's largest OLED display of 88 inches , caught a whole lot of attention. With a resolution of 8K , twice as much as 4K , and 16 times higher resolution than Full HD , the TV showed its difference with OLED technology . After this television news that we will say that we will have a feast in our eyes, a new news came from LG. The company had its own voice assistant service on TVs that the company had previously marketed.

According to a new decision by LG, the company is set to give up its voice assistant and use Google 's Google Assistant service. With the help of Google Assistant for LG ThinQ AI models, it will make voice command processing easier and faster. When a program is finished, you can turn off the television and find a piece on a movie, for example, through Google Assist. LG ThinQ will be on the AI TVs, the company's new image processor, Alpha 9.

LG's new TVs with OLED display come with ambitious features Thanks to the Alpha 9 processor, LG's new televisions will perform better with better color and 120 fps high frame rate ( HFR ). This processor will also be more successful in noise reduction. We will share with you the information about the company's new OLED-screen TVs in the coming days, stay tuned.

LG Electronics Success Story

In this post we will get the success story of LG Electronics. In this article, you can find the questions you are wondering about LG Electronics and how they have achieved success. We believe LG'Electronics' Success Story, which has an impressive place among personal development success stories, will shed light on you as well. You can find success stories of other companies and people on our site. Success stories are inspirational stories. By reading, you can throw the foundation of your own success, and you can write your own success story.

Let me give you some information about LG Electronics;

LG Electronics Inc. Yeouido-dong is a South Korean nationwide electronics company based in Seoul and a member of the LG Group, with 82,000 employees in more than 100 locations worldwide.

LG Electronics Establishing

LG Electronics was founded in 1958. The technological experience gained by producing many household appliances such as historical radios and televisions has led to an advanced digital age. The 21st century has introduced many new products. New technologies continue to strengthen the status of being a global company with mobile devices and digital TVs. LG's innovative technology, unique products and state-of-the-art designs are a future investment.

Home Entertainment TVs, Audio & Video Systems, Monitors, Computers & Accessories, Commercial Products. Mobile Communications Category G Series, V Series, K Series. Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Cooking Appliances, Vacuum Cleaners, Built-in Products, Air Conditioners, Air Cleaning, Dryers. In Vehicle Components category In Vehicle Information Entertainment, HVAC & Engine, Vehicle Engineering. LG Electronics history is always happy and wants to create a better life.

Information * CES Innovation Awards are based on descriptive materials presented to juries. The Consumer Technology Association ™ (Consumer Technology Association) has not approved the validity of any application or any claims made and has not tested the product for which the reward is awarded.

LG Electronics, at every corner of your life with our television, smart phone, white goods and consumer electronics products, has always been the starting point of your enthusiasm: "innovations that make life better." We continue to bring to you our products to make life easier for users and make their lives more practical and fun.

As LG Electronics, we are continuing our R & D studies with our whole power for products which will provide better quality and benefit to human life with "Leaden Learning" principle as a global leader brand in consumer electronics.

LG television, with its enormous and smooth style, is the focal point of every room. LG televisions are endowed with infinitely detailed image quality. LG provides advanced audio and video equipment for your TV that exceeds your home theater system standard. Get a lifestyle LG smartphone. If you are going to use your phone to stay connected to the world all day long, our smart phone line is for you. Check out our latest smartphone models like the LG G6 that give you more freedom. The most advanced technologies in the smartphone world come with LG smartphone technology. Discover more space, style and features with LG White Goods. If you need a modern looking and functional refrigerator, washing machine, drying machine, dishwasher, microwave and vacuum cleaner,

Keep LG's energy-saving air conditioners under constant control of your room temperature. With inverter type LG air conditioners, set the room temperature to the desired level throughout the year.

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