iOS application market down 170 billion, revenue over 130 billion dollars

iOS application market down 170 billion, revenue over 130 billion dollars

The Apple Store, which is 10 years of my life, managed to reach incredible figures in 10 years

With 10 years of my life, the Apple Store has managed to reach incredible figures in 10 years. According to App Annie, who followed the application markets, the number of applications downloaded through the Apple Store was 170 billion, while the amount spent by users was 130 billion dollars. And that's not the official picture of the Apple Store that we have been in since 2008. App Annie is on the lead this year, 2010, and the announced figures cover the time from July 2010 to December 2017.

Of course, it is not right to make this comparison for the iOS - Android race, because the Google Play Store is not open in China, and as you might expect, it gives Apple a serious advantage. App Annie says raporda does not compare to the active application markets in all markets.

it is indisputable that China plays a big role in the number and income earned. Not surprisingly, Apple's number one country is not China, but the United States. Raporda had 39.9 billion downloads in China, compared to 41.1 billion downloads in the United States. The US spent $ 36 billion in the Apple Store during the same period, while China spent $ 27.7 billion.

France, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and Brazil countries are actively using an average of 30-40 applications per month while setting up an average of 100 applications per month.
While games account for only 31% of downloads in 2017, the same games make up 75% of revenue. The APAC region (Asia-Pacific countries) is a region where game developers should study very closely because there is a significant proportion of those who spend in games.

The monthly subscription model is also a growing trend, and the biggest ones of this trend are content platforms like Netflix, Spotify, Pandora and Tencent Video. In addition, Tinder has a remarkable place as one of the top 5 applications of the world according to the gentleman.

Even though up to 4.5 million apps are currently available on the Apple app market, there are currently 2 million apps that can be actively used features.

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