Snapchat is preparing to release software platform Snapkit

Snapchat is preparing to release software developer platform Snapkit

In the prototype version of Snapkit, Snapchat login button to connect to other applications, Snapchat to use Bitmoji Avatar and Snapchat to share again is also available for the use of software.

" In the prototype version of Snapkit, the Snapchat login button to connect to other applications, the Bitmoji Avatar usage, and the Snap camera, which can reshare in Snapchat, are also available for the use of the software. 'S work on this subject is not limited to this. The company also talks with several different application developers to integrate Snapkit.

Particularly, login buttons and content sharing can play an active role in this issue.
In particular, login buttons and content sharing can play an active role in this issue. Moreover, it is worth remembering that Facebook uses a similar method that is long enough to maintain its growth.
Snapchat, which wants to keep third party developers away from the platform for years, is making a big change in this strategy with Snapkit. .

This, in turn, consolidated Snapchat's stance on the subject and led to the ban on third-party applications platform. As a matter of fact, Snap's terms of service still include a "We can not use or develop third-party applications that interact with services or other users' content or information without our written consent."

A year ago, under the auspices of software developers Snapchat needed the variety, drove Lens Studio to the market. As Snapchat's gateways opened up with software developers to Lens Studio, the increased reality content created by marketers and developers began to increase on the platform.

Nevertheless, until now the company has not allowed software developers to include Snapchat in their applications. The details of this change with Snapkit are not yet clear. The company did not comment on the working principles that Snapkit set for developers and the date they were put on the market.

Login with Snapchat

Snapkit's login feature with Snapchat allows users to sign up for new applications with Snapchat credentials instead of creating new identity information. As mentioned above, Snap does not collect too much personal information about you, unlike Facebook, so worries about mistakenly being given to developers or misuse of data are diminishing.

The branded button to be included in the registration pages of various applications it may be tempting for new Snapchat users, and it may also lead older users to consider this option. This button allows users to record using other applications, but the relationship between Snap and the applications to be logged becomes more tight.

Bitmoji Usage

Please note that you can continue to use your Bitmoji avatar when you login to another application with your Snapchat ID. Snapchat, which received $ 64.2 million in Bitmodia's parent company Bitstrips in 2016, has built a significant portion of its strategy on Bitmoji.
Snapchat now offers the AR-equipped camera with the editing tool installed in its own applications.

Snapchat Camera Usage

Third party applications can add Snapchat's camera to their application platforms instead of getting permission to share images or creating weak imitations in Snapchat.

So the photos and videos taken with the camera will be used both in this third party application and Snapchat ' can also be shared. We have seen the similarities of this working principle with Facebook and Instagram Stories in relation to the third parties. At this point it is possible that Snapchat will meet the content diversity and growth rate it expects.

Snapchat is preparing to release software developer platform Snapkit

Snapchat is preparing to release software developer platform Snapkit

Snapchat is preparing to release software developer platform Snapkit

How to use Snapchat? What is Snapchat?

How to use Snapchat? What is Snapchat?We have the answer to your questions. It is an application that we instantly take pictures and share. It's the most popular photo messaging application of recent times. How does Snapchat work and what does it do? Here are the unknowns ...

Snapchat is the answer to your questions we share with you. Snapchat is one of the most popular applications where social media is shared pictographically.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social messaging platform where users can take photos, shoot videos, add notes on them, and share them for a certain period of time (1-10 seconds).

Once you have opened your Snapchat account, you can start using your own name, profile photo, waiters, my friends and add friends menus on the first screen that comes preliminary.

You can make fun by taking pictures with the front and back camera, playing with the photos and putting them in shape. You can apply effects by dragging videos and photos taken in 1-10 seconds intervals from right to left. With Snapchat, you can add emojis to your photos and videos, write your own letters and give your friends the message you want.

After you take a photo or video, you can type by typing 'T' above, and you can place it anywhere with the tut-drag-and-drop method. According to your Snapchat usage, you are awarded points and points. Click once on the prize to see what the prize is going to be.

At the same time with Snapchat, you can say hello. When you slide the screen to the left, the direct chat screen comes in front of you. You can send the video over here via the photo.

Sending Snapchatte video

You can capture a video by holding down the button we pressed while the picture was taken. As in the same pictures, there are also filters in the videos. You can still bring your video fast or slow. Then you need to press the bottom right button to share in your video story.

What does Snapchat do?

Your video or photos you share with Snapchat, the instant messaging application, can be viewed for a short period of time and then deleted. Users can send written text, sound, photo or video with this application. Shares that can be viewed for a predetermined period of time are deleted from the users' devices with the Snapchat server. Women make up 70% of the practice and are mostly preferred in the United Kingdom and the United States.

How to use Snapchat? What is Snapchat? We offered you the answer to your questions.

The new generation of people are growing up in the age of social media, regardless of the child. As a result of technological developments that are renewed every day, internet technology which provides the connection of the citizens to the world has brought some applications and made it possible for people to have a new source of entertainment. There are a lot of apps that come to mind when it comes to social media. Many new applications are added to this social media within each time slot. This is the latest addition to this application, the SnapChat application has become the only entertainment center of millions of people.

Snapchat is a social messaging application that allows users to take photos, videos and write short notes on them and share them for a certain period (1-10 sec). Snapchatte is an important feature that other users can only see photos or videos shared by users within 24 hours. Although short-term submissions can be made, other users can block this by taking screenshots. But snapchat informs the other party that the screen image taken is subject to information.

Running on iOS and Android, SnapChat is free to serve users. You can download snapchati, which is similar in structure to other messaging applications, from the Google Play Store and the App Store. There is also a similar list of friendships as in other messaging applications. An add request is sent to the person you added from your account. If they accept, you can give them video, photo, text, sound. For your content, you can use the top right rear or front camera as you like. After picking up the image, you can set one of the filters by scrolling to the right. The nice part of the Snapchatin is the fun lenses. Keeping your face on the screen, you can use these fun lenses. You can also try this with a friend.

Snapchatte How to Submit Video?

You can capture a video by holding down the button we pressed while the picture was taken. As in the same pictures, there are also filters in the videos. You can still bring your video fast or slow. Then you need to press the bottom right button to share in your video story.

Snapchat Unknown

You can get help by reading this information to use Snapchati as a full professional.

* Snapchatte is able to use two filters at the same time. Once you've selected the first effect, you can easily select the other filter with your other finger while holding down with your finger.

* You have a limit when writing notes to your content. To increase this limit, first enter the notes app on your phone, and enter as many blank lines as you want. Then you can copy this empty text by holding down the space and paste it back into the snapchat application so that you have as much space as you want.

* When recording video, you can switch between cameras by touching the screen. You can zoom in or out if you want.

* You do not have to create a group in Snapchat, but you can often put letters at the beginning of the names on the snapchat of people you send private messages, so you can sort them easily.

* If you want to add different music to your Snapchatte video, you can add music to your videOnuza by opening a track from your phone.

* Snapchat users know. Snapchat is spending both internet and charge. To prevent this, you need to activate "travel mode" in the snapchat settings. This way, the SnapChat application does not download an automatic snap on the backplane, it does not charge and does not push the boundaries of your internet package.

Snapchat News

Snapchat has announced that it is preparing an IPO in the New York stock market in the US.

It is expected that the value of the US-based Snapchat-owned Snap company in the stock market will be around 20-25 billion dollars. The technology company said it wants to generate about $ 3 billion in revenues from the sale of the shares. Established in 2011, Snap is a company that has not made a profit so far. Last year's sales revenue was 404, and the loss was 515 million dollars.

Last year, the company's revenue increased by 600 percent, but marketing and research costs caused Snap to suffer. Snap said in his statement, "In the future, you can never succeed in landing what you expected to do." Some investors see Snapchat as "potential Facebook" even though the company is not hurt.

Most of Snapchat's income is advertising revenues. Snapchat is young people whose ages range from 13 to 24, more than half of the users are seen as an attractive option for companies seeking to reach this mass. Experts see Snapchat as one of the next big steps to open the public to the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba in 2014 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Rejection of Zuckerberg's offer

Snapchat has rejected the offer of $ 3 billion by Mark Zuckerberg's founder of Facebook.

Experts say that Facebook brings new features because of Snapchat.
Commenting on CCS Insights analyst Martin Garner Snapchat, "Many people think that Facebook has lost its young users to Snapchat, and there is evidence that Facebook imitates many of Snapchat's features - if you repeat the Facebook story a bit, the company will be.
Kylie Jenner announces Snapchat's death

Kylie Jenner is one of Snapchat's biggest users. But now he is very upset about Snapchat and said he did not turn it on anymore. Jenner declared Snapchat's death with his twitter account. Following this announcement, Snapchat shares fell and caused material damage to the company.
Kylie Jenner announces Snapchat's death
Onur Binay /

Snapchat may have lost a very effective user. Kylie Jenner, a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, said to her 24.5 million followers: "So nobody opens Snapchat, is it just me doing that? It's so sad ... I still love you Snap ... my first love".

Perhaps Jenner may want to make a reference to Snap CEO Evan Spiegel. Kylie Jenner is one of the most important people in social media and the original person. Instagram has 104 million followers.

In the past he used Snapchat to show off a new haircut or show it to his family's life with his boyfriend Travis Scott. He is a powerful user who often posts millions of messages to humans, and if Snapchat's parent company, Snap, is a bad sign if you are seeing less interaction on the platform.

He also contacted the company professionally. Last year, Snapchat partnered with Snap to publish private video in a format called "Ask Kylie."

Snapchat was like other platforms in the past that had special programs for people with many followers and provided more data about their followers. It seems that people are no longer interested in Snapchat.

Kylie Jenner had previously talked about Snapchat's new design. Jenner is apparently not a fan of the new design. "I've just seen the new Snapchat, I do not really know how I feel about it!" "What do you guys think?"

After Jenner's announcement, Snapchat shares fell by 8 percent. It was reported that the company lost a total of $ 1.3 billion.

Jenner's followers may not use Snapchat so much, but the company said earlier this month that the number of people who launched the application increased by 5% in the last quarter of 2017. So although Jenner does not see the same reaction, Snap is still growing.

Snapchat'a Rihanna takadı! 4 percent lower

Social media practice An ad running on Snapchat generated a lot of controversy. In 2009, the famous star reacted to Snapchat through his social media account after the advertisement of world famous singer Rihanna, who was violent by her boyfriend. After Rihanna's statement, Snapchat shares fell by 4 percent. In February, after the US reality show Kylie Jenner explained that he no longer used Snapchat, the company's stocks fell by 8 percent.

Social sharing application Snapchat has posted a mobile gaming ad with Rihanna and Chris Brown, asking its users, "Do you want to slap Rihanna or punch Chris?" According to, Rihanna, who was violent by her boyfriend Chris Brown in 2009, reacted to Snapchat via social media account after the advertisement.

Rihanna shared in the subject, "I wanted to call it an ignorance, but I know you are not so stupid! We spend money to embarrass victims of domestic violence and make fun of it. My reaction is not related to my personal feelings, because I am not ashamed of it. But you humiliate us, by bringing in all the women, children and men who are victims of domestic violence. Embarrass yourself! "


After Rihanna's share, Snapchat's share fell by 4 percent.


The Snapchat spokesman used the phrase "This ad was disgusting and should never have appeared in our service." "We are investigating how this is so we can be sure that it will never happen again," the spokesman said, indicating that they were terribly mistaken.

Snapchat, Snapkit

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