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As a result, the Casper VIA M1 is a mobile phone in the mid-upper segment line. In this sense, the phone, which has managed to break apart with some remarkable features among the phones that have been recently eliminated in this segment, succeeds to be a good model. The phone, which leaves a good impression with its reflection on its technical staff and its performance , is also very nice with its design.

Casper VIA M1

We have reviewed Casper's first mobile phone model of the new year, the VIA M1!
Casper has made great strides since he entered the mobile phone market; the company that moved the slope to a higher level with every new mobile phone model, finally visited the test center with the VIA V10 model if you remember . This time with the VIA M1 model, the new model of the new year Casper, the same model at the same time celebrating the 25th anniversary of this new model.

The VIA M1 draws a good image with its strong technical staff, such as the 8-core processor and 3 GB of RAM . Well, what's hidden in the phone details? Let's look closely ...

Casper VIA M1


The Casper VIA M1 is a phone with nice dimensions. The phone, available in black and white with a choice of colors, has a 5.2-inch screen. The model with the plastic design on the back looks nice. But still, the V10 does not have a rear-view glass, and the edges do not contain aluminum. In this sense, those who do not like plastic-designed phones may like this phone. Let's just say that the material used is not bad. The handset has a metallic feel to the sides of the phone which gives a good grip. We think that this will be appreciated both in terms of usage and appearance.

The most favorite part of the VIA M1 's design was the slight curvature of the edges of the screen. This feature, which Casper calls 2.5D screen depth, gives the phone a distinct feel. At the bottom of the screen there are no physical buttons, only a wide gap there. This is a minus that shrinks the screen-to-body ratio.

The rear door of the VIA M1 opens but you can not change the battery. The phone, with its backplane underneath it, offers us a microSD card and a SIM card slot.

The right side of the phone typically has power and volume buttons, a headphone jack on the top, and a microUSB point on the bottom edge. The loudspeakers are located on the bottom of the back of the phone. For this reason, let's say the voice is blocked when you leave the phone on your back or hold it in your hand. This causes the phone to get a negative score in terms of voice.

Casper VIA M1

Technical infrastructure

The VIA M1 has a 5.2-inch screen. The phone, which offers us Full HD images here, is able to make a difference from many counterparts on this count. In the past days, the Teknosa Preo P2 model, which we reviewed , displayed an HD image on the screen. If we take into account that the VIA M1 is also in the same segment, it is written directly on the VIA M1's pluses. Apart from that, he gave us the pleasure of the picture quality he gave me. The IPS panel is used and the colors are quite full.

The VIA M1 is a phone that attracts attention with its technical staff. The phone with the 8-core Mediatek MTK 6753V processor is located across the Snapdragon 615 models with this processor running at a frequency of 1.3 GHz. Located in the middle-upper segment as a segment, the phone stands out with its 3 GB RAM support. We will soon share it, and this feature is also evident in comparative test results in the category.

Casper VIA M1

With the 450 MHz Mali T720 graphics chip that comes with the processor, the phone works well in terms of graphics and promises a pleasant multimedia experience in the popular games of recent times. One of the games we played in our review was Need for Speed No Limits and the phone performed very smoothly. However, it is useful to add the following: Many phone models in this category do not have a problem with today's games. The most important factor that makes the VIA M1 stand out here is that with 3 GB of RAM, performance is not compromised when you switch between a lot of applications and games, and you switch applications.

At our disposal, the phone has a 16 GB capacity option. It is also available with a 32 GB version of the VIA M1. On the other hand, if you buy any model, you can increase memory 64 GB with microSD card. When we think that the memory can not be expanded on the VIA V10 , we can say that this is good for the VIA M1.

Now let's share the test results we took with the VIA M1 in comparative tables ...

Casper VIA M1

Camera and battery

The battery of the VIA M1 is at 2900 mAh capacity. When we think of this size and weight of 145 grams, at this capacity the battery is obviously well fed into the phone. According to our synthetic test result, the VIA M1 discharges its battery from 100 percent to around 9 hours and 10 minutes, so it is well placed. The Lenovo VIBE P1 and the Teknosa Preo P2 , which we have recently received impressive battery life from the phone models we have examined, settled in the 3 rd place after the VIA M1, and we can call it a phone model that will keep you busy on daily basis. Let's also say that the phone also offers 13 hours of talk time.

If we come to the cameras of the VIA M1, as we have seen in many models in this category, the rear camera is 13 MP and the front camera is 5.0 MP . There is no difference between them. The point that Casper made a difference here is the flash. Casper offers a flash option on the front camera, and also has a powerful LED flash on the rear camera. In this sense, the M1, making a difference from its competitors, allows you to capture good exposures in the segment at the appropriate photo quality point.

The VIA M1's camcorder also features HDR, panorama, facial features as classic and allows full HD video recording via the rear camera. Camera software does not impress us very much, but it's nice to let you play with various camera settings for professional shooting.

Casper VIA Mobile

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